The Modern Family death we were all scared of has finally happened, and fans are majorly disappointed

The death happened during last night's Halloween episode

by Asfa Shakeel

A Modern Family death has finally happened: a recurring character was killed in last night’s Halloween episode, as was warned by the sitcom’s cast.

Modern Family death

A Modern Family death has finally happened. (Image source: Instagram/Modern Family)

Modern Family death

The death was warned by creators of the show. (Image source: Instagram/Modern Family)

The creators of the show revealed a long time ago that they were planning the death of a “significant” character this season, which would be a “moving event” with ripple effects across several episodes.”

Creator Christopher Lloyd said, “We do deal with a death, which is certainly a topic that families have to deal with, and on television, it’s not easy to do because that’s a heavy subject. But at the same time, it would seem unusual for a family not to go through it.”

Lloyd added, “From our standpoint creatively we’ve gotten excited writing this season and changing the lives of the characters — some in a significant way — and it’s made us think, ‘Wow, there’s a lot to explore in the lives of these characters.”

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Lloyd said the death would have repercussions in later episodes. (Image source: Instagram/Sofia Vergara)

The death took place in last night’s Halloween episode, titled Good Grief. DeDe Pritchett, played by Shelley Long, was killed off. She was the ex-wife of Jay Pritchett and the mother of Claire and Mitchell.

The death was imposed during the episode’s cold open, where Claire Dunphy, played by Julie Bowen, got a call from her stepfather where she found out that her mother had passed away in her sleep.

Modern Family death

The death was announced at the very start of the episode. (Image source: Instagram/Modern Family)

DeDe’s women’s group confirmed that DeDe had passed while on a trip to Greeceland, and true to character, had been clutching a list of complaints for hotel staff at the time of passing.

DeDe appeared in just seven of the show’s 214 episodes to date, and was shown as having a close relationship with Mitchell and a very strained one with Claire.

Modern Family death

DeDe Pritchett has appeared in 7 episodes. (Image source: Instagram/Modern Family)

Her kids then took to dealing with the shocking news throughout the episode while spouses Phil and Cam tried to cheer them up.

Modern Family death

Phil and Cam attempted to cheer their spouses up. (Image source: Instagram/Modern Family)

DeDe’s ex-husband Jay Pritchett took a different approach by characteristically repressing his feelings, going off to search for a missing sandwich. His wife Gloria ran around the house, evading DeDe’s return as a ghost to haunt her.

Modern Family death

Gloria feared DeDe’s ghost returning to haunt her. (Image source: Instagram/Modern Family)

The Dunphy kids also had their own reactions to the death of their grandmother. Luke cracked jokes about having a zombie grandma, Haley turned towards Halloween candy to cope and Alex told the audience, “People said she was difficult, but she was an amazing woman who didn’t conform to what anyone wanted her to be.”

Modern Family death

The Dunphy kids all had their own unique reactions. (Image source: Instagram/Modern Family)

Claire remained resolute to not forget her mother’s more unappealing qualities, saying,  “Just because mom is dead doesn’t make her a saint.” Cam dramatically related,  “I’ll never forget her voice slurring in the darkness, telling me how much Mitchell loved me.”

Modern Family death

Cam cheerfully recounted memories of his mother-in-law. (Image source: Instagram/Modern Family)

Despite the somber theme of the episode, the creators made sure to inject plenty of laughs with Cam dressing up as Meghan Markle and Cam and Mitchell’s difficulty hugging owing to their ridiculously large costumes.

Modern Family death

There were still plenty of laughs in the episode. (Image source: Instagram/Modern Family)

Modern Family death

The ridiculous costumes made for some funny moments. (Image source: Instagram/Modern Family)

Most fans were disappointed by the death and took to social media to express it.

Others were relieved that the death had not been of any of the major characters.

Sarah Hyland, who plays Haley on the show, previously said that she would leave the show if the family’s bulldog called Stella got killed, saying, “‘If the dog dies, I leave.”

Modern Family death

Sarah Hyland said Stella’s death would have been a deal breaker for her. (Image source: Instagram/Modern Family)

The show will have an 11th and final season with only 18 episodes.

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