Brooklyn Nine-Nine begins filming its sixth season following cancellation earlier this year

by Saman Zahid

The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have started filming season 6, after the show was abruptly canceled by Fox earlier this year.

While the new season is expected to premier sometime in 2019, the cast of the show took to social media to assure their loving fans that the show is indeed back on.

brooklyn nine-nine season 6

The Nine-Nine squad. (Image source: Instagram/NBC Brooklyn 99)

The cast shared images of them goofing around on the set of their show, the beloved Nine-Nine precinct, and gave the fans a much needed dose of hope that their favorite show has more in store for them.

Shared via an account on Twitter, The Lonely Island, the cast members shared snippets of their experience of filming season six. The first photo shows Andy Samberg, who plays the endearing Jake Peralta, smiling alongside his co-stars and friends, Stephanie Beatriz, who plays the role of Detective Rosa, with Chelsea Peretti, who is known and loved by the fans as the snazzy Gina Linetti.

brooklyn nine-nine season 6

Image source: Twitter/The Long Island

brooklyn nine-nine season 6

Image source: Twitter/The Long Island

Another photo uploaded by the account shows Andy Samberg taking a selfie with his on-screen wife, Melissa Fumero, who rocks her role as Sergeant Amy Santiago, and co-star Terry Crews, who takes on the role of Sergeant Terry Jeffords on the show. The trio looked super enthusiastic about the extension of their show.

“Back at the 99,” the photos were captioned.

The hit TV series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, was canceled by Fox News earlier this year, but was rescued by its fans in under 31 hours. The news of its cancellation prompted an unprecedented response from its fans, whose outrage garnered Brooklyn Nine-Nine the support of NBC, which picked up the show immediately after it was dropped by Fox.

brooklyn nine-nine season 6

The new season is expected to premier sometime in 2019 (Image source: Instagram/NBC Brooklyn 99)

While talking to CNN in an interview, NBC chairman, Robert Greenblatt, expressed his joy over picking up the sitcom after its unceremonious cancellation by Fox.

The hero in disguise stated, “Ever since we sold this show to Fox I’ve regretted letting it get away, and it’s high time it came back to its rightful home.”

He further added, “We’re all thrilled that one of the smartest, funniest, and best cast comedies in a long time will take its place in our comedy line-up.”

The cast of the show could not have been more thankful to its dedicated fanbase for initiating a petition against its cancellation, and expressing an outpour of sadness over its abrupt ending, which prompted its renewal.

Actress Melissa Fumero took to Twitter to thank the fans for enabling the extension of the sitcom. She posted a photo of her in her uniform, and wrote, “Feelin super grateful today for all of you and NBC. You’re the reason I get to be back in uniform. Thank you. Here we gooooo! #Season6 #Brooklyn99”

brooklyn nine-nine season 6

Image source: Twitter/Melissa Fumero

The show was left on a cliffhanger in its last season following the potential promotion of Captain Holt, played by Andre Braugher, as the commissioner. With that hanging in the air, the fans could not be more eager and excited to see how that changes the dynamics of the precinct, and what more their favorite cops have in store for them this season.

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