Childish Gambino drops animated video of his song ‘Feels Like Summer’, draws mixed reaction over the cameo of Michelle Obama and Kanye West from fans

by Saman Zahid

Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, dropped another one of his singles on Saturday, titled ‘Feels Like Summer’, the official animated video of which constitutes several cartoon cameos of notable personalities.

Childish Gambino has released an animated video of his single ‘Feels Like Summer’. (Image source: YouTube/Donald Grover)

The rapper gained an image for himself for making music about contentiously significant social issues when he dropped his music video for his song, This is America, on YouTube. The song reflects on aspects of American society which are often shrugged under a rug – the issues of race and gun violence in America. The video and audio was laced with subtle, and obvious metaphors alluding to these issues, and has crossed over 380 million views on YouTube.

His new song, Feels Like Summer, was released alongside another song called Summertime Magic. In the former, Gambino incorporates the concerning theme of climate change and delivers a poignant message with a catchy tune.

The video of the song incorporates cartoon cameos by notable personalities in the realm of politics, and also from pop-culture. The cameos include those of Chance the Rapper, Jaden Smith, Will Smith, Azealia Banks, Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and the former First Lady of USA, Michelle Obama, amongst others.

Image source: YouTube/Donald Glover

Image source: YouTube/Donald Glover

Image source: YouTube/Donald Glover

In his video, the 34-year-old rapper has incorporated a frame of Michelle Obama comforting Kanye West, which has attracted its fair share of criticism, in addition to the appreciation he gained from some of his followers over it.

The animated cameo of Michelle Obama comforting Kanye West draws mixed reactions from the fans (Image source: Instagram/rockey_analogue)

The controversial cameo of Kanye West wearing a Make America Great Again cap, with Michelle Obama comforting him, has garnered mixed emotions from the fans. Social media users have expressed varying reactions to the cameo, ranging from appreciation, to insults.

Watch the video here:

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