Gordon Ramsay dresses up as Robin William’s character, Mrs Doubtfire, on the latest episode of MasterChef Junior

by Myra E.

Gordon Ramsay dressed up as Mrs. Doubtfire on the latest episode of MasterChef Junior is truly costume goals! The 51-year-old celebrity chef was referred to as ‘Grandma Gordon’ on the episode and bore an uncanny resemblance to Robin Williams’ character from the popular 1993 film. 

MasterChef Junior

Chef Gordon Ramsay looked just like Mrs. Doubtfire in his grandma costume. (Image source: Twitter)

The role of Mrs. Doubtfire was played by Robin Williams. (Image source: Facebook/Mrs.Doubtfire)

We all know about the wrath of chef Gordon Ramsay, the reason for which he usually makes the headlines. But this time, it’s his costuming abilities that have got us talking.

The Michelin star chef wore the loveable character’s signature blonde wig, reading glasses, pearls and oversized beige cardigan (complete with gold broach), to make his appearance look believable. He also wore a paisley-filled shirt and long, flowy skirt to complete the look. Ramsay was nearly unrecognisable in the get up, shocking even the child contestants on the show.

Mrs. Doubtfire had a classic look, which Ramsay managed to nail down to the T. (Image source: Facebook/Mrs.Doubtfire)

MasterChef Junior

His frumpy cardigan and wig were what completed the look. (Image source: Facebook/MasterChef Junior)

Gordon also wore the characters signature pearls and reading glasses. (Image source: Facebook/Mrs.Doubtfire)

Twitter fans were quick to point out the resemblance between Ramsay and Mrs. Doubtfire. Many showed their appreciation for how well Ramsay pulled off the look, while others called out on him to act in a sequel to the original film.

Mrs. Doubtfire, the film, came out in 1993. (Image source: Facebook/Mrs.Doubtfire)

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon’s paisley filled shirt and flowing skirt matched his get up. (Image source: Facebook/MasterChef Junior)

Ramsay’s fellow judges, Christina Tosi and Joe Bastianich also dressed up in grandma outfits for the episode. Chef Tosi donned a short-haired grey wig and pant suit along with reading glasses. Whilst, Bastianich looked completely transformed in a black costume, more becoming of a nun than a grandma.

The tea-party on the episode had aged guests, including the three costume glad judges. (Image source: Facebook/MasterChef Junior)

Fans certainly appreciated the effort that the judges had put in to their costumes, in order to believably look like grandmothers on the episode.

The kids were confused when they first saw Grandma Gordon. (Image source: Facebook/MasterChef Junior)

They then laughed with shock and glee. (Image source: Facebook/MasterChef Junior)

Some of the contestants just found the entire situation bizarre. (Image source: Facebook/MasterChef Junior)

Gordon Ramsay has opened up multiple successful restaurants across the globe. His newest venture, Hell’s Kitchen at Caesers Palace in Las Vegas is unsurprisingly doing incredibly well. The venue is inspired by and pays tribute to Ramsay’s Fox Network TV show, Hell’s Kitchen.

MasterChef Junior is currently in its sixth season and airs on Fox channel. The two-part finale for the show will take place on May 18.

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