Zayn Malik is not averse to the idea of running for political office in the ‘beautiful place’ that is America

by Asfa Shakeel

In a recent interview, Zayn Malik let on that he may consider running for office in America. He also compared what it is like to be an immigrant in UK and USA.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik recently revealed that he is not opposed to running for office. (Image source: Instagram/Zayn Malik)

In a recent interview with GQ, the singer talked about everything from his introverted nature to the Met Gala. He also discussed the differences between the US and the UK in regards to immigrants and his experiences trying to work his way up in both countries. Despite the current political climate in the USA, Malik finds America to be a more welcoming country and one that is more willing to accept his upward climb.

Zayn Malik

Malik said the US has been more welcoming to him. (Image source: Instagram/GQ)

He said, “The UK is likeF**k you, you’re successful. That’s not a nice attitude to have. You come to America, you’re a bit shocked at first: Are these people being genuine? Are they really interested in me? Do they want to have a conversation? But they do! And that’s a really nice thing. And I feel like it’s misrepresented across the globe. For the kind of country it is, because everybody supports, no matter what color, what gender, what sexuality, what class—none of that matters here. People genuinely want to know you for who you are. And that’s how America should be represented across the world.”

Zayn Malik

He said Americans want to know you for who you are. (Image source: Instagram/GQ)

He added that in the next elections, he would want to vote for Oprah. He said he not only agrees with her ‘ideologies about the world’, he also thinks she’s a ‘bada** businesswoman’.

Zayn Malik

He is a supporter of Oprah running for office. (Image source: Instagram/GQ)

When asked whether he would ever consider running for office, he said, “Maybe. It’d be cool. I feel like it’s a beautiful place. [Because of the current political climate,] people are expressing how they really feel about where they come from and their heritage and their backgrounds. They’re all mixed. To be American, you are mixed.

He added, “So that’s how I feel about it—it’s a beautiful place, and it’s a beautiful time to be alive.

Zayn Malik

He added that it is a beautiful time to be alive. (Image source: Instagram/GQ)

Malik was also asked why he did not attend the Met Gala this year, and said that while he had been swayed into attending by his stylist from last year, this year he actively avoided it. He said, “Now, it’s not something I would go to. I’d rather be sitting at my house, doing something productive, than dressing up in really expensive clothes and being photographed on a red carpet.… To do the self-indulgent Look at me, I’m amazing thing on the red carpet, it’s not me.

Zayn Malik

Malik said the Met Gala is not his style of event. (Image source: Instagram/GQ)

He did make sure to add that he thought Gigi Hadid looked amazing on the red carpet. He emphasized on the stained glass on her dress, saying, “Everyone else just put a cross on.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik did say he found Gigi’s dress beautiful. (Image source: Instagram/Gigi Hadid)

Zayn Malik

He felt everyone else did not do as good of a job. (Image source: Instagram/GQ)

Zayn Malik’s new single, Entertainer, came out on May 23.

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