Tylor Beckford feud: Khloe defends Kim as the latter takes to social media to prove to fans that her hips are real

by Asfa Shakeel

Khloe Kardashian has spoken out in defense of sister Kim after the Tyson Beckford feud, and Kim has taken to social media to prove her hips are not artificial.

Tylor Beckford feud

Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian at NBC Upfronts on May 15, 2017 in New York City. (Source: Raymond Hall/GC Images)

The feud started when The Shade Room posted a photo of Kim on her way to a Jimmy Kimmel appearance. Beckford commented underneath it saying, “Sorry I don’t care for it personally. She is not real, doctor f**ked up on her right hip.” Kim responded to the comment by saying, “Sis we all know why you don’t care for it.” The internet then exploded as fans criticized Kim for being homophobic and shaming Beckford about his sexuality.

Tylor Beckford feud

The Tylor Beckford feud started with Kim’s allegedly homophobic comment. (Image source: Instagram/The Shade Room)

While Kim herself has remained silent on social media about this matter, Khloe took to defending her sister during an interview with Extra. She said that it was sad that the focus on Kim’s comment was not also given to Beckford’s body shaming. She said, “I was with her when that was going on … what I hate is that people are saying that she’s homophobic for that, but no one is saying that we shouldn’t also body shame women. I don’t know if people are saying that about him, but I just know people are attacking Kim about being homophobic, I’m like she’s anything but, so that’s ridiculous … I was asked to not jump in, ’cause I think that would have made it worse.”

Tylor Beckford feud

Khloe said the focus in the Tylor Beckford feud should be the body shaming. (Image source: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)

Despite being silent on the issue, Kim has found her own mechanism for proving that her hips are real. The 37 year old mother posted a steamy picture on her Instagram story and feed showing off her bare hips. In one, the mom is plugging KKW Beauty, telling her fans what to wear to bed for good skin. She is wearing a white bodysuit and a matching white cardigan, and the hip that was attacked by Beckford is on full display.

Tylor Beckford feud

Kim showed off her hips on Instagram. (Image source: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)

In the second photo, Kardashian is baking in her kitchen in nude underwear. Both pictures feature a return of Kardashian’s long hair, without which she said she did not feel sexy anymore, and show off her hips completely.

Tylor Beckford feud

She also posted additional shots to prove her right hip is just fine. (Image source: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)

Beckford has also not commented on the feud on his social media.

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