Selena Gomez models and shows off her toned stomach and legs in Puma’s latest ‘Defy’ training shoes campaign

by Rahma Altaf

Selena Gomez recently collaborated with PUMA in their latest campaign ad to promote the new Defy training shoes. 

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez modeled for Puma’s new Defy sneakers. (Image source: Instagram/PUMA)

The pop star introduced herself as the face of Puma on her Instagram post. The caption read, “Introducing DEFY- my latest campaign with @PUMA. #DoYou” 

The singer plus actress joined the international brand, Puma, in mid-September 2017. (Image source: Instagram/PUMA)

Puma shared numerous phenomenal photos of Selena wearing the Defy sneakers. In one of the photos, it showed her wearing a tight, neon yellow sports bra and dark grayish beige leggings with parts of it aesthetically bare and nude.

On her feet, were the new white, black and green-colored Defy sneakers and right next to her was a light blue Puma backpack.

25-year-old Selena described the new sneakers as “To defy is to be brave”. (Image source: Instagram/PUMA)

The 25-year-old singer joined Puma, in September 2017. After seven months of campaigning for different brands, she was asked to campaign for their new sneakers called Defy. In an interview, she described the new sneakers as “To defy is to be brave”.

She added, “It’s about pushing the envelope and not obeying any ‘expectations’ placed on you by society. Puma has captured this feeling perfectly with their new Defy training shoe. I remind myself daily the importance of defying the outside noise and being true to myself”.

Puma shared numerous photos of Selena wearing the Defy sneakers. (Image source: Instagram/PUMA)

The Back To You singer also attended the launch wearing the Puma Defy sneakers and was all over Puma’s Instagram Story. In one story, she said, “Guys, that was so much fun! I loved meeting all of you! This was such a cool experience and I hope you had the best time. Hope you like the new shoe! I do. I’m proud of it. Love you!”

The Defy convention was set up very colorfully at the Paramount. (Image source: Instagram/PUMA)

Selena hoped that the buyers liked the design and style of the new shoe. (Image source: Instagram/PUMA)

Few months after the singer joined the Puma family, she was chosen to brand for the Phenom sneakers. Selena boasted her elegant figure in numerous photos with the trainers. The Phenom collection training shoes comes in two unique styles, Ignite and Satin, and two different colors – black and pink.

In one shot, the former Disney actress wore a white zippered black jacket and a hoody attached. She carried the style with nothing but her bare legs and paired it off with the Phenom Satin Ep Women’s Training shoes in a gold pink color.

The Phenom collection training shoes comes in two unique styles and two different colors. (Image source: Instagram/PUMA)

In another photo, the famous actress and singer wore a light pink v-neck sports bra, with shiny light gray leggings and topped with a short zippered black jacket that was partially falling off of her. Finally, she wore the exclusive Puma trainers. Her hair was neatly moused and she wore silver loopy earrings.

The pop star wore a light pink v-shaped sports bra, with shiny gray leggings. (Image source: Instagram/PUMA)

Recently, Puma also took on Instagram and posted a short video of Selena shying away while looking at the camera. The sport brand captioned the video with, “The new DEFY trainer is workout-ready and fashion-forward. @Selenagomez making our newest trainer look even better. #DoYou”

Watch the video below:

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