A man stalking Sandra Bullock kills himself after the police tries to arrest him

by Amna Amir

Joshua James Corbett, 42, who was charged for stalking and breaking into Sandra Bullock’s house back in 2014, killed himself on Wednesday morning while the SWAT team waited outside his house for five straight hours.

Corbett was on probation for five years after breaking into Oscar winning actress’s house and was ordered by the court to get mental health treatment. He was released from the facility in June 2017. Sandra had filed a restraining order against him, to remain 200 yards away from her, until 2022.

After he reportedly violated his probation, police arrived at his house with an arrest warrant. Corbett refused to leave the house and barricaded himself within. He also threatened to use his weapon.

Sandra Bullock's stalker kills himself

Joshua Corbett broke into Sandra Bullock’s house back in 2014 and was arrested by the police. (Image source: YouTube)

According to Drake Madison, Los Angeles police officer, the SWAT team was sent for the protection of the officers and other people in the area.

Drake said, “The SWAT team was sent due to the suspect’s threat of violence to police.”

The SWAT team waited for five hours long outside his apartment trying to negotiate with Corbett but it didn’t work. He wouldn’t come out so the police team marched into the house, only to find the 42-years-old’s dead body on the floor with a self-inflicted wound. The police confirmed that wound wasn’t due to a gunshot; rather, the convict had died from a self-inflicted injury.

Sandra Bullock's stalker kills himself

Police found him dead from a ‘self inflicted’ wound. (Image source: YouTube)

The authorities didn’t confirm the nature of their warrant but there have been speculations that Joshua failed to show up for his hearing at court on 23rd April, which is why police went there at 7 AM on Wednesday 3rd May with an arrest warrant.

Sandra Bullock's stalker kills himself

Sandra was in her LA house when Corbett broke into her house in 2014. (Image source: Twitter)

Back in 2014, Corbett had broken into The Proposal starlet’s West Los Angeles home while she was present inside. Sandra was quick to report to the police and hide inside her closet, as she guided the police to her house.

Joshua had illegal firearms at his residence during the time he broke into Bullock’s house. The police arrested the convict on the charges of stalking, burglary and possession of illegal weaponry.

Sandra Bullock's stalker kills himself

Sandra, 53, hid inside her closet and locked herself in. She informed the police about the break-in. (Image source: Twitter)

Legal documents revealed that the suspect planned on sexually assaulting the actress. A notebook was found that included details of his plans and intentions, and how he was working on carrying out his objectives. A number of illegal weapons that were found within his house were also mentioned in that book. These included machine guns, assault rifles and explosive devices.

Sandra Bullock's stalker kills himself

Sandra was issued 10 year protective order under which Corbett had to stay 200 yards away from her. (Image source: Twitter)

During the court hearing in 2014, Sandra was heard on the 911 call, talking in a terrified tone and explaining that she was hidden in her closet, which had a safe door and was locked.

She said, “I’m in my closet. I have a safe door. I’m locked in the closet right now.”

Sandra Bullock's stalker kills himself

Corbett had plans of sexually assaulting Bullock. (Image source: Twitter)

The 42-year-old convict pleaded not guilty. He was sentenced to probation and treatment in mental health institute for five years. Bullock was provided with a 10-year protective order to keep the stalker away from her.

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