Ryan Reynolds lovingly responds to being called ‘Mr. Lively’, a snarky comment made in response to his Deadpool 2 promo

by Rahma Altaf

Ryan Reynolds gave the sweetest comment when referred to with his wife’s name, Blake Lively, on the premiere of Deadpool 2 on Monday. 

The upcoming world-wide promoted sci-fi film, Deadpool 2, is releasing on the same day as the romantic film, The Book Club. Technically, the two movies are fierce box office rivals. A few days ago, The Book Club cast, Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen, snarked a funny comment on the Deadpool 2 promo. In response to the promo, Diane jokingly called the Canadian actor ‘Mr. Lively’.

Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds gave the sweetest comment about his wife, Blake Lively. (Image source: Twitter/Marie Claire)

But Ryan Reynolds did not have a problem with it at all. Instead of retaliating or defending himself, he wholly embraced the comment.

During the premiere of Deadpool 2 in New York City, Ryan was interviewed by Carly Steel, the host of ET. Carly referred to him as ‘Mr. Lively’, to which the 41-year-old actor replied”

“Oh, I’m Mr. Lively 24/7. And I’m happy about it. It’s great. [It’s the] best gig.”

Blake Lively

Deadpool 2 is releasing on 18th May. (Image source: Instagram/Ryan Reynolds)

Ryan and Blake are absolute couple goals. They were recently seen at the red carpet and the couple looked fantastic. The witty actor wore a custom-made gray suit with a pink waistcoat. But, of course, his 30-year-old gorgeous wife overshadowed him. She wore a stunning black sequined dress with black strapped heels and a red silky sash tied into a bow around her waist. The black and red color scheme was to pay tribute to the Deadpool character Ryan plays.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were seen at the premier of Deadpool 2. (Image source: Twitter/Elle UK)

blake lively

She wore a beautiful sequined dress. (Image source: Instagram/Blake Lively)

blake lively

The colors of the dress were to compliment the Deadpool theme. (Image source: Instagram/Blake Lively)

The Merc With the Mouth absolutely loved his wife’s look and said that she ‘rocked’ it. He even confessed that if she was playing an antagonistic role, he would have done the same for her. Ryan remarked, referring to a character from Deadpool’s comic myths, “If she were Gwenpool I’d be wearing the Deadpool colors as well.”

Blake Lively

He performed at a Korean singing competition disguised as a glittery unicorn. (Image source: Instagram/Blake Lively)

Last weekend, Ryan visited South Korea to promote his upcoming film. Not only that, the Deadpool actor even took part in South Korea’s reality television show called King of Masked Singer.

He performed at the singing competition, disguised as a glittery unicorn, and his voice completely blew away the crowd. Ryan sang Tomorrow from the theater-hit musical called Annie, and only revealed himself at the end of the performance.

Ryan Reynolds

He designed his own costume. (Image source: YouTube)

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds appears on the famous Korean singing competition. (Image source: YouTube)

The 41-year-old confessed that he did not consult his wife before participating in the Korean singing competition, though he knew that the Age of Adeline star would have encouraged him to take part.

The actor said, “She knows how terrified I am of singing in public, so yeah, if I had told her I think she would’ve pushed me to do it. Because I am terrified of singing.”

Ryan confessed that he did not consult his wife to participate in the Korean singing competition. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

The star has designed a plethora of promotional stunts. From doing an Italian version of Dancing With the Stars to making Twitter videos of the Deadpool character lying in Hugh Jackman’s hotel bed, he is doing it all to promote his upcoming film. It came out on May 15, 2018.

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