Tommy Hilfiger gives ‘open invitation’ to pregnant Kate Upton, asking her to model for him

by Nayab

Tommy Hilfiger has proven he is all-inclusive once more! The legendary fashion designer has asked heavily pregnant model Kate Upton to model for him.

In fact, it was more of an open invitation than a request, according to TMZ. Hilfiger refuses to bench one of the most successful models in the industry and she is both flattered and excited to work with him.

pregnant kate upton

Kate Upton recently announced her pregnancy! (Image Source: Instagram/Kate Upton)

The stunning model is currently expecting her first child. She announced the pregnancy in a coy Instagram post. In the photo, she is wearing a red and white chic pantsuit and standing on a balcony in Miami. Her baby bump was rather subtle but her caption removed any lingering doubts. It simply read, “#PregnantInMiami”.

She has also tagged her husband, Justin Verlander. The 35-year-old Houston Astros pitcher immediately reposted his wife’s photo on his own Instagram page. His sweet caption made it clear that he cannot wait to welcome his baby into the world. “You’re going to be the most amazing Mom!! I can’t wait to start this new journey with you! You’re the most thoughtful, loving, caring, and strong woman I’ve ever met! I’m so proud that our little one is going to be raised in this world by a woman like you! I love you so much,” he wrote.

Justin and Kate were wed last year in November in a beautiful ceremony in Italy. Their marriage came right after Justin’s team won their first World Series. And now, 26-year-old Kate has another major occasion to celebrate!

pregnant kate upton

Kate is married to baseball star Justin Verlander (Image Source: Instagram/Kate Upton)


The couple have been together for four years now (Image Source: Instagram/Kate Upton)

Kate seems to love being pregnant and showing it off. She is apparently seriously considering going on the runway for Hilfiger soon and her fans could not be more excited! Hilfiger has done a good job being inclusive and has been working with a lot of plus sized models recently. Their official statement made it clear that they want to show off all kinds of beauty and not just the classic cookie-cutter kind.

”Our business is all about inclusiveness and diversity, and not just about 90 pound models,” they said. In fact, they have previously worked with Kate when she honored the designer label for their work with autistic children in HBO’s show, ‘Night of Too Many Stars’. And now, both designer and model are going to work together again soon!

tommy hilfiger inclusive

Hilfiger is known for their diverse models (Image Source: Instagram/Tommy Hilfiger)


Kate and Hilfiger have a very close relationship (Image Source: Instagram/Kate Upton)

However, even pregnancy has not made Kate go out of shape. The model’s exercise routine is the stuff of legends and it has shown. She has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition three times because of her perfect physique. The bombshell beauty has repeatedly credited weight-lifting as the secret to her fitness. She doesn’t believe in pushing cardio like some other models but instead focuses on heavy weights to stay fit.

“To me, exercise is about working really hard in the gym to be healthy and feel good and confident about my body,” she told Shape magazine. She went on to say that if weights are lifted correctly, they can actually make the body leaner instead of adding bulk. The strong model can now do a 500-pound sled pull, proving strength doesn’t always mean a bulky body.

kate upton with husband

Justin reposted Kate’s pregnancy announcement on his own Instagram (Image Source: Instagram/Kate Upton)

kate upton husband

He can’t wait to become a father soon! (Image Source: Instagram/Kate Upton)

Congratulations to Kate and her future baby!

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