One Tree Hill’s cast just had a reunion, Sophia Bush posts adorable selfie with former co-stars

by Saman Zahid

On the 31st of July, 2018, one of the leading ladies of One Tree Hill, Sophia Bush posted a refreshingly beautiful selfie with her ex co-stars James Lafferty, Stephen Colleti, and Antwon Tanner.

This unexpected reunion of the stars outside the context of the sensational One Tree Hill, an American television series created by Mark Schwah for The WB Television Network, was a treat for sore eyes for the fans. Sophia was not just hanging out with her old pals, but also helping them actualize their passion for creating wonderful shows, and urged her Insta-fam to get in on the bandwagon.

one tree hill cast

one tree hill cast Image source: Instagram/@sophiabush

one tree hill cast

The selfie had the fans of OTH swooning over the sight of Sophia Bush, better known for playing Brooke Davis on the show, with James Lafferty, known as Nathan Scott by the fans, standing next to their co-star Antwon, known as Antwon “Skills” Taylor, and Stephen Colleti, who is known for playing the character of Chase Adams on their show One Tree Hill.

It was reposted by Tanner on his Instagram, too, to reach a greater audience with his fan base, and to support his friends, and help their project reach a donation target of 200k.

“Me and my sis @hilarieburton on set. Forgot to post this one. Oh how I love her. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #christmascontract.” Image source: Instagram/@antwontanner2214


The selfie took to Twitter with much the same enthusiasm, as fans were quick to notice how Bush had incorporated the EDG donation link in her Instagram and Twitter bios to encourage support for her friends. The donors are termed as #EDGHeroes, and Sophia’s support for James Lafferty and Stephen Colleti appeals to the nostalgic longing for the fans to see this trio of friends together again.

The selfie, however, did much more than creating waves in the lives of OTH fans; it was taken to commemorate a greater cause. Bush and Tanner were invited to be a part of James and Stephen’s Facebook Live Chat to garner support and donation for their upcoming comedy venture, Everyone Is Doing Great,  through the funds generated by Indiegogo, Inc, an international crowdfunding website. If you are a One Tree Hill fan who is itching to sponsor this promising undertaking, you too can help and donate by clicking here.

Earlier this year, the cast of One Tree Hill got together for a mysterious project, which had the fans on the edges of their seats, waiting for a potential reunion of the cast, possibly a Christmas Reunion as evidenced by the hashtag #christmas2018 under their selfies with the rest of the cast lounging around in the back.

But as the fans reaction to this cohort reunion gained momentum, the adored stars of OTH decided to take down the photos they had uploaded, to put a lid on whatever had been cookin’.

one tree hill cast

Image source: Instagram/@Hilarieburton

Robert Buckley: Always great making new friends on set. (Image source: Instagram/Robert Buckley)

Antwon Tanner: On set working with some oldies but goodies. (Image source: Instagram/Antwon Tanner)

Whatever is in works for these stars in their lives, we hope and wish that we continue to see them together; sharing their achievements with each other, and supporting one another, and we wish them good luck for their new ventures, while keeping our fingers-crossed for a much-awaited Christmas miracle!

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