Noah Centineo reveals he asked out Lana Condor before they got cast together and she rejected him

by Asfa Shakeel

Noah Centineo met Lana Condor and asked her out way before the two were cast together in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and she rejected him!

Noah Centineo

Noah Centineo asked out Lana Condor before they were cast together. (Image source: Instagram/Noah Centineo)

While speaking to E!‘s Daily Pop on Thursday, Centineo recalled, “When we first met in the audition room before any of us had booked it, we were sitting waiting in like the lobby and I saw her and I was like, ‘Hey do you want to run lines?’ And she was like, ‘No.’ I was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool, fine, I’ll just die here.’

He added, “I didn’t even remember asking her that. She had actually told that story months later in the press.

A few months later, the two were cast together: Centineo as Peter Kavinsky and Condor as Jean Covey. He said about the casting, “Then we just read together and it was…[perfect].

Noah Centineo

They were cast together a while after their awkward interaction. (Image source: Instagram/Noah Centineo)

Centineo said that despite the optics of the situation, he did not think he was asking out. He explained, “I ask people to read lines in the audition room if they look nervous! I was just like, hey, I could always run my lines. It’s always easier if you’re running with a stranger before do it with the casting director. It helps you get the nerves out. And if someone else looks nervous, then it totally is gonna help them too. If you can do it with some random person you just met, you can easily go into a room and do it again.

Noah Centineo

Centineo said he does not think he was asking Condor out. (Image source: Instagram/Noah Centineo)

Centineo also made sure to add that while he’s currently single right now, he is not totally open to dating fans, saying, “I don’t close any doors totally, but probably not, because then it’s like more of a infatuation with like, a position more than like, the person. It can overshadow that, which is difficult, I would think.”

Noah Centineo

Noah would not be open to dating a fan of his. (Image source: Instagram/Noah Centineo)

Condor is currently dating actor Anthony De La Torr.

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