Mick Jagger’s son, Lucas Jagger, angers fans after criticizing his father’s ability to play the guitar

by Asfa Shakeel

Mick Jagger’s son, 19-year-old Lucas Jagger, hilariously trolled his dad’s attempts at Sunday jamming by reminding him to get in proper form.

Mick Jagger's son

Mick Jagger’s son trolled the singer on Sunday. (Image source: Instagram/Lucas Jagger)

The 75-year-old musician took to Instagram to share a video of him playing the guitar on Sunday, captioning it, “Sunday afternoon jam.”

Sunday afternoon jam Video by @melhamrick

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To all his fans, the video was gold, but Lucas proved that to him it was just an attempt by his dad to be cool. He commented, “Get a strap pls. Don’t do it one legged.”

Mick Jagger's son

Image source: Instagram/Mick Jagger

The comment amassed over 400 likes since it was posted, with fans pouring in with thoughts and opinions. Some fans thought that Lucas’ comment was hilarious and well within the rights of Mick Jagger’s son.

One fan praised Lucas for being the ‘the voice of reason’.

Another fan, probably another embarrassing dad, wrote, “I love that even Mick Jagger can embarrass his kids… I feel vindicated.

Another wrote, “Lucas you are very funny! I’m cracking up. I liked your other comment as well about getting a better camera!

Lucas told his dad to ‘get a better camera’ after Mick posted a video from Russia, saying he had had a great time.

Bye Russia, we had a great time #worldcup2018

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Mick Jagger's son

Image source: Instagram/Mick Jagger

Other fans were deeply offended that Lucas had spoken to his dad that way, and minced no words in expressing that.

Mick Jagger's son

Fans had a lot of thoughts about Mick Jagger’s son insulting him. (Image source: Instagram/Mick Jagger)

I’m pretty sure your dad got where he is [because] he never took advice from his punk kids...” one fan wrote.

Another sarcastically said, “how caring and thoughtful you are!!!

Yet another angrily wrote, “I do not think Mick needs any advice about HOW TO ROCK N ROLL IN HIS HOME OR ANYWHERE ON PLANET EARTH, he is KING and always will be and always has been. But hey, I’m sure he is not worried one bit about what his son might say.

One fan mildly defended Jagger saying, “but it’s a LOOK.”

Yet another simply reminded Lucas, “he’s allowed.

Mick Jagger's son

Many expressed harsh opinions against Mick Jagger’s son. (Image source: Instagram/Mick Jagger)

Mick Jagger had Lucas with Luciana Gimenez.

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