Mia Khalifa asserts that her 15 pound weight gain has not shaken her confidence and reminds fans that weight is not above happiness

by Asfa Shakeel

Mia Khalifa took to social media to give fans a reality check about her 15 pound weight gain – in nothing but a towel and a face mask.

Mia Khalifa weight gain

Mia Khalifa gave followers a talk about weight gain today. (Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

Khalifa initially took to posting on her Instagram story from the gym. She told fans, “So after just basically an entire month of binging and eating, this is what the scale says: I am 140 pounds, I gained 15 pounds.” She also showed the scale off on her story.

Mia Khalifa weight

She told fans she had been eating without check for a whole month. (Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

Mia Khalifa weight

She showed the scale and she is up 15 pounds. (Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

She continued by telling fans that she has a bikini photo shoot this weekend and is going to have to rely on her Instagram to make her stomach flat again. Her trainer poked fun at her food baby in the video and asked her, “How far along are you?

Mia Khalifa weight

She poked fun at her own food baby. (Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

She revealed the changes to her body measurements, saying “My body fat percentage is up by 4%.” Her trainer poked fun at her during the measurement phase, making Khalifa jokingly say, “Don’t grab my fat, you b***h!

Mia Khalifa

Her body fat percentage went up by 4%. (Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

Mia Khalifa weight

Her trainer made fun of her while taking her measurements. (Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

Khalifa told fans, “So I have a bikini photoshoot on this weekend, I have it so Kelly’s goal is to try and minimize,” in a video captioned “I’ve ruined my body.

Mia Khalifa weight

She revealed that she has a bikini photo shoot this weekend. (Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

In the next video, she celebrated the increase in her butt, asking her trainer, “How big [has] my booty gotten?” Her trainer told her, “You’re 40 inches round baby!” Her trainer also revealed that Khalifa started out at 37 inches.

Mia Khalifa weight

She revealed her butt grew by 4 inches also. (Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

A few hours later, Khalifa took to her Instagram story again. The star seemed to be ready for a shower, clad only in a towel as she said, “I just wanted to address a video I posted earlier that I’ve gotten a lot of responses to. So I posted some videos earlier of me at the gym addressing the fact that I gained 15 pounds, 7 kilograms for all of my metric system followers.

Mia Khalifa

She addressed the gain later on as well. (Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

She continued on to say that people’s responses to her weight gain had been surprising, “And I love y’all and I love my friends: all of their responses have been ‘Oh my god, no, you look great. Like, it’s fine, you look great.’ Like, I know I look great, like I know still look good.” She added, “Kidding, but in all seriousness, it hasn’t affected my confidence whatsoever. The reason it’s an issue is because I’ve gone up an entire jean size. I can’t afford to replace all my jeans.

Mia Khalifa

She said the gain did not affect her confidence at all. (Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

Khalifa continued saying that she had enjoyed her month of gaining weight thoroughly and did not regret it at all, saying, “I don’t regret a single bite I’ve taken in the last four weeks. Every single ounce I’ve gained has been a late night snack my boyfriend has cooked me, some candy we ate on our road trip, an amazing meal I had in a new city.” Khalifa is dating Copenhagen-based chef Robert Sandberg.

She continued, “Don’t beat yourself up over a few gained pounds, you can lose weight just as easy as you can gain it. I mean, maybe not just as easy, it might take a little longer and a little more work. Enjoy life.” In the next video, she added, “Instagram cut off my most important part of that entire message, which is to EAT! Stop and smell the french fries. Like say yes to another side of mash po-f***ing-tatoes because they’re delicious.

Mia Khalifa

She reminded fans to ease up and treat themselves. (Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

At the same time, Khalifa gave a valid disclosure saying, “With that being said, health always comes first and I have family history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol so I’ve gotta get my a** back in the gym and on a diet for at least a few days, weeks, fine, fine, weeks.” She also posted later letting followers know that she misses food.

Mia Khalifa

She revealed that she was missing her vacation food. (Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

Khalifa also revealed that she will be doing a Q&A with her boyfriend via Instagram story next week.

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