Lil Xan and Annie Smith reveal details about their upcoming baby while Noah Cyrus posts cryptic pictures online

The rapper and Cyrus recently broke off their relationship

by Asfa Shakeel

Lil Xan and Annie Smith revealed a lot of information about their future plans and upcoming baby while the rapper’s ex Noah Cyrus posted cryptic messages on social media.

Lil Xan and Annie Smith

(Image source: Instagram/ Lil Xan)

Last weekend, the rapper shocked his fans by revealing that he and Smith are expecting a baby together. Also, that they are engaged and plan to get married soon. Right after the news was announced, Cyrus shared selfies on her social media in which she was in a car with her eyes puffy from crying. She captioned it, “Whata day.”

Lil Xan and Annie Smith

(Image source: Instagram/ Noah Cyrus)

The couple sat down with E! to answer some questions, with Smith revealing, “It was just casual. We were talking about it really casually for a long time like we already knew we were going to get married, but we didn’t talk about it in too much depth. We just knew it was going to happen eventually. And then we were just at home and he just proposed. So, we are engaged. The ring…we’re very unconventional. We’re engaged, but we don’t have the ring yet.”

She added, “We have been really close for a long time and we both have always just had a really special bond with each other. We both really cared about each other, we both loved each other, but we didn’t know how the other person felt. So that’s why it was like friends for so long. There were other reasons that it was just not I guess the right time. Then I don’t know, one day we were just like, we’re always together. Even before this, we were together 24/7. We went on trips together, we were always doing things together and I guess one day we were just kind of like, ‘What are we doing? Why are we not together?'”

Lil Xan and Annie Smith

(Image source: Instagram/ Annie Smith)

Revealing some details about their upcoming nuptials, she also said, “We again are very unconventional, so what we most likely we will do is get married [in a] super, super intimate wedding. It could be anytime. It could be in a week, it could be in a month—it could be anytime and then have a little get together with our family and really close friends a little while after. Then possibly have a bigger reception celebration down the road. But, definitely the main ceremony part we want to keep really intimate, just like us and our parents or even just us and then maybe do something later down the line with family and friends”.

Smith also revealed that she and the rapper were overjoyed when they found out about their kid, saying, “Our first reaction [to the baby news] was excitement. We were definitely shocked because we have been trying, but we haven’t really been pushing it, so we were definitely shocked, but we were so excited. We cried. We were over the moon. It was a shock, but it was amazing.”

Lil Xan

(Image source: Instagram/ Annie Smith)

She added that their families were supportive as well, “They know that we want children, so they weren’t too surprised, but they’re all super excited for us. They’re all super excited to be grandparents and aunts and uncles. Everybody’s really, really happy and the reaction has been really positive, so it’s been really good.”

Noah Cyrus has not yet responded to this new interview.

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