Leona Lewis is engaged to her boyfriend of eight years, Dennis Jauch

by Asfa Shakeel

Leona Lewis is engaged to her boyfriend of eight years, Dennis Jauch, whom she met when he signed on as a backup dancer for her tour.

Leona Lewis is engaged

Leona Lewis is engaged to her boyfriend of eight years. (Image source: Instagram/Leona Lewis)

The Bleeding Love singer teased fans that this might be in the works after she posted pictures on her Instagram story  which showed off the diamond ring on her left hand. She is currently on vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico with boyfriend Jauch.

Leona Lewis is engaged

She posted pictures of the ring on her Instagram story. (Image source: Instagram/Leona Lewis)

Leona Lewis is engaged

She is currently vacationing in San Juan with boyfriend Dennis Jauch. (Image source: Instagram/Leona Lewis)

The proposal comes right after the couple’s eighth anniversary. Jauch posted a collage of pictures of him and Leona together showcasing their years together in honor of the occasion, and wrote alongside, “It’s been the most beautiful 8 years of my life with this incredible human being. Here’s to many more beautiful memories.

Leona Lewis is engaged

Jauch wished Lewis a happy eight year anniversary on Instagram. (Image source: Instagram/Dennis Jauch)

Lewis and Jauch met in 2010 when the latter was working as a backup dancer of her tour. The stars have mostly kept their relationship completely out of sight. They do not appear on many red carpets together, although they attended Elton John’s Oscar’s viewing party together in 2017.

In 2015, Lewis talked about making long distance work with Jauch while speaking to The Telegraph. She said, “Before, I thought I wanted to be young and single, then once I was I realized it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. We’re together, but because we both travel so much we have to make a huge effort to see one another. If we are within an hour of each other one of us will jump on a plane to see the other. I think the most unexpected meeting place was in Romania.

Leona Lewis is engaged

Lewis said the couple travel a lot to make sure they still get alone time. (Image source: Instagram/Dennis Jauch)

The couple have not yet confirmed the news themselves or given any indication as to when the wedding will be.

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