Kylie Jenner challenges beau Travis Scott to ‘The Kylie Quiz’, checking how well he knows her – and he scores pretty well!

by Ammar Nasir

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott recently gave their first ever joint interview to GQ Magazine. Apart from their steamy photoshoot, the couple decided to play a trivia game called ‘The Kylie Quiz’, where Kylie tested how well Travis knows her.

Kylie hand Travis are among the most private celebrity couples. They are not only rarely photographed together, but have never shared much about their relationship, until now. The pair sat facing each other, with Kylie holding small flashcards containing questions about herself.

kylie jenner quizzes travis scott

Image source: YouTube/GQ

“We are gonna play ‘The Kylie Quiz’ and she how well you know me,” said Kylie. The couple looked cheerful and in a fun-loving mood as they kicked the game off.

Kylie began, “What color is my toothbrush?” Travis correctly answered that it was pink. Kylie then asked him what her dogs’ names were and, lo and behold, the baby daddy could only get one! He said ‘Norman’ and then seemed to be stuck. “You don’t know this?!” said Kylie incredulously, before telling him the other dogs are called Rosy, Bambi and Harley.

kylie jenner quizzes travis scott

Image source: YouTube/GQ

kylie jenner quizzes travis scott

Image source: YouTube/GQ

Kylie’s next question was, “What’s the biggest scar on my body?” Travis didn’t hesitate for a second and answered abruptly, “Biggest scar? On your leg.” He then did a hilarious little victory dance as Kylie looked at the camera and smugly said, “He really knows my body.”

The couple then went on to a cute squabble when Kylie asked Travis how long she takes to do her makeup, and he said it look two hours! He also revealed that he has to tell her several hours before if they have to go out, ‘or else she won’t go’.

Image source: YouTube/GQ

“How many tattoos do I have?” Kylie asked next. Travis correctly guessed that the mogul has tattoos on her ankles, her arm and her butt, but missed out on the last one (the back of her arm). When Kylie looked a little taken aback, Travis asked her, “How many tattoos do I have?” Kylie shrugged, and Travis laughed,” Exactly!”

The couple then had a cute little on-camera moment when Kylie asked Travis what color her eyes were, and he abruptly said they were green and sometimes yellow. At this point, Kylie looked absolutely smitten and couldn’t help but say ‘I love you’ before getting up to plant a quick kiss on his lips.

kylie jenner quizzes travis scott

Image source: YouTube/GQ

It looks like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not only crazy in love, but are also a fun couple! The two high-fives and fist-bumped each other the correct answers, and got past the wrong ones like it was no big deal. Travis mostly does know Kylie extremely well, it appears, since he was spot on on tiny things like what her favorite ice cream and brand (Häagen-Dazs vanilla) and her exactly pizza order (pepperoni with oregano, salt and pepper) is. Ironically, the couple did great on small detailed but stumbled on the big question: How did they first meet?

The eventually agreed that they had mutual friends and met often, but didn’t have a conversation for a long time. “We still don’t know this answer,” Kylie said, with Scott adding, “It’s a lot of link-ups. You thought I didn’t like you.”  Kylie added, “We always knew each other, like we were hanging around each other. We just had mutual friends. But we never really had a conversation because I thought he didn’t like me.”


She captioned this “Stormi’s parents” (Image Source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

Kylie Jenner

Kylie and Travis have been super cute lately (Image source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

Watch the full video from GQ here:

Among the few things that Scott did not were Kylie’s parents’ birth names and the full range of her makeup products, but Kylie didn’t seem to mind at all, and neither did fans! Twitter was soon flooded with fans drooling over how cute the couple is, wishing they saw more of their chemistry. In fact, some were converted fans after watching the interview!

Others criticized Travis for the things he didn’t know, saying it seems like the couple barely know each other,

All in all, Travis scored 20 our of 23, and Kylie was really pleased, regardless of whether fans were. The two happily ended the quiz with Kylie sitting on his lap as they shared a kiss.

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