Kylie Jenner’s Doghouse: The air-conditioned residence you probably want for yourself

by Asfa Shakeel

Kylie Jenner’s doghouse is built like an air-conditioned ‘guest house’ residence, and Twitter is collectively collapsing over her dogs being richer than most people.

Kylie Jenner built her dogs a luxurious doghouse. (Image source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

It is making fans freak out about the luxury. (Image source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

Kylie is the proud mom of Italian greyhounds, Norman and Bambi. The two even had puppies together right before the 2016 American Music Awards, causing Jenner to miss the event. The dogs have always lived an exceptionally luxurious life, with their own room inside Jenner’s huge house, their own Instagram account and lavish birthday parties. However, Jenner has now stepped it up even further by building her dogs an actual dog house.

Kylie Jenner’s doghouse is a step up even for her. (Image source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

She has two Italian greyhounds: Norman and Bambi. (Image source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

She took to Snapchat to showcase the structure, saying, “You guys my doghouse is almost done, how cute! It’s gonna be air conditioned and a heater and they’re gonna have a whole little – it’s like a guesthouse.”

The doghouse will have heating and cooling. (Image source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

Jenner described it as a guest house. (Image source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

Fans immediately took to Twitter to freak out about Jenner’s dogs having a better quality of life than them, and took to wondering how much the rent on the doghouse would be if they wanted to move in.

Jenner is known for being luxurious as a mother. Just a little while after daughter Stormi was born, Jenner took her for a walk in a Fendi stroller costing around $1500. She matched the stroller with her own Fendi dress. A few months later, Jenner attended North and Penelope’s birthday party with Stormi in a $625 Gucci baby carrier. It was also reported that Stormi had a net worth of $3 million just a few weeks after she was born. Clearly, Jenner is not averse to being lavish with her kids, and she sees her dogs as no different.

Jenner has always been luxurious with her lifestyle. (Image source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

Her dogs get the same kind of treatment. (Image source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

With this doghouse, Jenner is joining the ranks of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, who built her dog an air-conditioned doghouse with designer furniture and a chandelier in 2017.

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