KUWTK S15 Episode 2: Kourtney Kardashian breaks down when her sisters question the monthly trips she takes with Younes

by Asfa Shakeel

On KUWTK S15 Episode 2, Kourtney Kardashian broke down when sisters Kim and Khloe criticized her vacation time and questioned her work ethic.

KUWTK S15 Episode 2: Kourtney breaks down in tears yet again. (Image source: YouTube/E! Entertainment)

In the last episode, the three sisters had a massive blowout when Kim yelled at Kourtney for being too picky with her scheduling demands for a family Christmas photoshoot. The small fight escalated until Kourtney left the house and called Kim in tears to tell her that she was a ‘distraught’ and ‘evil’ person.

Kim laughed it off, enticing Kourtney to come back to talk things out with her sisters. The three reached no conclusions, and fight ended at a stalemate with Kourtney saying she did not want to be in ‘fake relationships’.

KUWTK S15 Episode 2

Kourtney ignored Khloe’s suggestion for group therapy. (Image source: YouTube/E! Entertainment)

In this episode, Khloe brought the sisters over to her house to try and convince them to do group therapy. Kim explained the need for one to a reluctant Kourtney, saying, “Because we all need to communicate with a mediator, and we don’t have that mediator.

Kourtney responded, “I don’t really think we need to go to therapy to be honest, to solve our problems. I think we should just talk.” She then took out her phone and seemed to be ignoring her sisters, angering Khloe, who left the room.

Kim confronted Kourtney who while crying yelled, “Khloe pushes and pushes, I’m not up for it.

Kim explained the issue to James Cordon later, saying, “Kourtney’s got a new boyfriend and a new therapist and I don’t know which one’s the problem, but she’s a different human being. She’s so nasty to us.

KUWTK S15 Episode 2

Kim said Kourtney was being extremely nasty to them. (Image source: YouTube/E! Entertainment)

Kourtney eventually agreed to therapy and, sitting down with her sisters, told the therapist, “I’m the one who invented ‘mean fighting,’ just saying the meanest things possible, but I’m just not wanting to fight like that anymore. I don’t want to be mean and I don’t want to spend my time around people that are mean and putting me down.

KUWTK S15 Episode 2

Kourtney said she does not want to hang out with people that are mean. (Image source: YouTube/E! Entertainment)

A crying Kourtney also told her sisters, “Like, when I say I’m going on a trip — everything to you guys … the show is more important, work is more important. Maybe traveling isn’t a priority to you, but it is to me. You would never take the time to just go do something, because maybe you don’t want to leave work.

“We all have different priorities and working, it’s not my top priority. It’s never going to be.

KUWTK S15 Episode 2

She also made it clear that work is not her top priority. (Image source: YouTube/E! Entertainment)

While Kim and Khloe pretended to be sympathetic in therapy, neither seemed particularly understanding.

Kim later said, “She can’t commit to filming a season and sharing her life if she’s not going to at all. We honestly want Kourtney to take her trips and live her life and do whatever it is she wants to do. But we just want her to be held accountable and be responsible — that when you take a job and are getting paid to do something, you honor that. Because all of us do.

Khloe later on said that she felt that the session had accomplished nothing but that their relationship became more fake than ever.

KUWTK S15 Episode 2

Khloe did not think the therapy session in KUWTK S15 Episode 2 achieved anything. (Image source: YouTube/E! Entertainment)

The fighting continues in Episode 3 of this season, which will be released on August 19.

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