Kourtney and Kim take to Twitter to continue the epic sibling fight that aired on KUWTK season opening

by Saman Zahid

While it is hard for us to keep up with the Kardashians after the season premier that exhibited the epic sibling fight, it seems like it is even harder for the Kardashians to put up with each other.

After the vicious screaming match on-screen between Kourtney and Kim, the Kardashians took to Twitter to express their feelings after exchanging blows last week.

The fight was centered around an upcoming photoshoot, and Kourtney’s involvement in it, and had Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and their mother Kris Jenner arguing over it.

While things have simmered down since the fight, the sisters are a little shy of completely moving past the event.

kim kourtney fight

The feud has been going on for months. (Image source: KUWTK)


Kourtney got emotional on the episode. (Image source: KUWTK)

Kourtney took to Twitter to express her feelings over this fight, and penned down her thoughts for her followers.

“Watching this fight actually gives me chills,” she wrote, adding, “We all have our own priorities. Mine is being a mother.”

kim kourtney fight

Image source: Twitter/Kourtney Kardashian

This tweet did not sit well with Kim K, who was quick to respond with, “And mine is not? The shoot was with our kids!!!!! My #1 priority is being a mother as well and I can work too, so can you!”

kim kourtney fight

Image source: Twitter/Kim Kardashian

Kourtney then added, “And I do. But I wasn’t wanting more work, I already felt spread thin. Being a good mother also has a different meaning to each of us. You’re an amazing mother, I’m not taking that away from you.”

kim kourtney fight

Image source: Twitter/Kourtney Kardashian


This candid exchange between the sisters got plenty of reactions by the fans, who believe that irrespective of their fiery exchange, the two sisters still appreciate and acknowledge their role as mothers. While the sisters have always had each others backs, Kourtney explains that she no longer feels like accepting the behavior of her sisters unconditionally, at the cost of her personal growth.

“We’re ride or die. But I don’t accept the way we criticize and judge each other anymore. My personal growth doesn’t allow it.”

Image source: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

However, the sisters also made it clear that they are always ‘good’ and sometimes one just has to ‘take to Twitter’.

kim kourtney fight

Image source: Twitter/Kourtney Kardashian

Well, more power to you, Kourtney. Guess we have to wait and see what the Kardashians have in store for us this season!

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