Kim Kardashian says Kanye West was happier on Family Feud than at their wedding

by Asfa Shakeel

Kim Kardashian said that Kanye West was probably happier on Family Feud than he was at their wedding, despite the fact that he won a bigger ‘prize’ during the latter.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian said Kanye was the happiest on Family Feud. (Image source: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel)

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Kardashian was asked about her family’s appearance on Family Feud. Her husband Kanye West, known for his often somber appearance, was noticeably cheerful during the show, and Kimmel asked Kardashian if the couple enjoy the show and why they made an appearance on it. “That was just for fun. That’s mine and Kanye’s favorite show ever,” Kim said.

Kim Kardashian

Her and Kanye love Family Feud. (Image source: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel)

She explained that she turned to Family Feud after her preferred crime shows started to scare her, saying, “Yeah, I started to get really scared from all the crime shows that I would watch, like Forensic Files and all that . I used to be obsessed and then I got really scared of it and so I was like what can I watch now that I’m afraid of all crime shows and Family Feud was it. It was like Friends and Family Feud.”

Kim Kardashian

She turned to the show after her crime show obsessions started to scare her. (Image source: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel)

She also added that Kanye in particular has always loved Family Feud and that he is really good at it, something that Steve Harvey confirmed during an appearance on Ellen.

Kimmel also stressed the fact that Kanye smiled consistently during the episode and was uncharacteristically joyful, saying, “Yeah cause he seemed really really happy to be on the show, like happier than I’ve ever seen his face before. Happier even than Donald Trump when you showed up in the Oval Office.

Kim Kardashian

Kimmel said Kanye was uncharacteristically happy during the episode. (Image source: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel)

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To give a sense of the magnitude of the situation, Kim said, “He was happier to be on Family Feud than at our wedding. Like so happy.

Well, there are no prizes at the wedding,” Kimmel attempted to explain Kanye’s perspective, but Kim pointed to herself, implying that she was the biggest prize of all. As the audience laughed, Kimmel explained, “I meant a cash prize but you know what I’m saying. No, certainly you are a much better prize than whatever they paid you on Family Feud.

Kim Kardashian

Kim reminded Kimmel that she’s a much better prize than any amount of money. (Image source: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel)

Season 15 of Kim Kardashian’s reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, returns on August 5.

Watch the full interview below:

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