Jim Carrey makes protest art by painting Donald Trump as a Good-For-Nothing Scarecrow

by Umey Aimen

In his latest painting, Jim Carrey draws a portrait of the President Donald Trump where he is shown to be a good-for-nothing scarecrow. Carrey came up with this ‘artistic’ expression as a way to protest on behalf of the billions of farmers that have been affected by Trump’s policies and trade wars. 

While Trump is now offering billions of dollars in aid to U.S. farmers, Jim Carrey is still not buying it! He is known to produce radical art as means to voice his dissent against the status quo and the statesmen. Jim has always been very fearlessly making art to express the communal rejection that US citizens have towards Trump and his policies.

Jim Carrey painting

Jim wears his signature smile with a new bearded look (Image source: Instagram)

donald trump

Donald Trump is offering billions of dollars to US farmers. (Image source: Getty Images)

Earlier this year he also posted an art work via a tweet that encapsulated the crude and the darker side of US politics.

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