Fans are convinced Beyoncé is pregnant; the singer failed to hide what appeared to be a baby bump during recent stage performances

by Rahma Altaf

Is Beyonce pregnant?! During the singer’s recent world tour performances, fans had a feeling that she was trying to conceal her stomach. Most are convinced Queen Bey is pregnant with her fourth child!

is beyonce pregnant

During Beyoncé‘s world tour, fans had a feeling that she was trying to conceal her pregnancy. (Image source: Instagram/Beyonce)


This will be Beyonce’s fourth child. (Image source: Instagram/Beyonce)

Beyonce was recently on a world tour with rapper and husband, Jay Z. During the first couple of shows of her On the Run II tour, fans noticed that the singer might be hiding a growing baby bump. With evidence to back their claims, fans posted photos and videos of their star’s baby bump on social media.

is beyonce pregnant

During her concert, fans noticed that Beyonce was trying to conceal her bump. (Image source: Instagram/beyonce)


This is Beyonce’s second concert with her husband, Jay Z. (Image source: Instagram/beyonce)

During the songstress’ fourteen performances in Europe, fans noticed that the way she was dressed throughout seemed to be an attempt to her a baby bump.


Beyonce has 48 performances planned world wide. (Image source: Instagram/beyonce)


Fans are convinced that Beyonce is pregnant, with pictures and videos as evidence. (Image source: Instagram/beyonce)

There was a lot of noise on Twitter about all the signs that the singer is pregnant. One user wrote, “Beyoncé is DEFO pregnant.” 

The user was convinced that the star was hiding something behind the sparkling gold coat, she even attached two photos to try to prove it.

Several other users then debated between the possibility that she was perhaps just bloated. One said, “[Sic] Beyoncé looks like she’s either pregnant again or a lil bloated from all that vegan food. Either way God bless her.”

Another said, “Is Beyonce pregnant or simply bloated?”

One fan seemed pretty sure with her speculations; “Beyoncé is def pregnant again… rushing to go on tour with no music, baby girl can barely dance, and those jackets covering her stomach.”

An insider disclosed to Star magazine that even though the news is a shock for Beyonce and Jay Z, they’re still ready for a new child into their life. The insider said, “It’s a shock so soon after the birth of the twins, but she’s over the moon.”

A source revealed that the couple is shocked at the pregnancy, but it ready to welcome to baby. (Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images)

is beyonce pregnant

Beyonce kept rushing to change her outfits. (Image source: Instagram/beyonce)

Another source revealed why the singer changes her outfits too often;“She’s rushing to change her costumes so that she can keep the bump covered up for as long as possible.”

The source further added, “Only a few have been entrusted with the news, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on.”

The couple already have three children, Rumi, Sir and Blue Ivy. (Photo by Jean Catuffe/GC Images)


The couple already have three children, one-year-old twins Rumi and Sir Carter, and six-year-old Blue Ivy Carter.

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