Ryan Reynolds brings back his twin brother Gordon Reynolds to interview him about his gin company, Aviation Gin

by Asfa Shakeel

In honor of National Best Friends Day and World Gin Day, Ryan Reynolds brought back his fan-adored twin brother to interview him about his gin company, Aviation Gin.

Aviation Gin

Gordon Reynolds returned to interview Ryan about Aviation Gin. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

Aviation Gin

Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds

‘Gordon’ interviewed Ryan once before in November 2016 about Deadpool and being named GQ Man of the Year. The former’s character was shown as the bitter angry twin left behind as Ryan became a trailblazer in the entertainment industry. The interview was aggressive, confrontational and a prime example of Reynolds being able to poke fun at himself and at the celebrity culture as a whole. In the interview, Gordon even asked Reynolds, “Do you consider Deadpool to be the Green Lantern of good movies?”

Watch the full interview here:

The video was viewed over 8 million times. Fans loved the idea of Reynolds’ antithesis interviewing him, and so the actor brought him back for another interview today. The introduction to the video read, “In May 2018, Ryan Reynolds agreed to once again be interviewed… by his twin brother, Gordon Reynolds.”

Aviation Gin

This is Gordon’s second time interviewing Ryan. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

Aviation Gin

The actor looks uncomfortable throughout the interview. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

The interview starts off with an awkward looking Ryan and a comfortable Gordon sitting opposite each other in a setting reminiscent of their first on screen appearance together. Gordon asks his brother, “What’s up, big shot? It’s nice to see you again. It’s like looking in a mirror. 5 years from now.

Aviation Gin

Gordon’s questions are direct hits at Ryan. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

When Ryan replies with minimal enthusiasm, Gordon promises to be good, and then jumps right into the questions he has for his twin brother. His first one says, “Alright, first question. It’s Father’s Day, that’s right around the corner. So how are the kids?

He then cuts off Ryan’s reply to voice a shrewd observation, “Children of celebrities, they always turn out normal. I’m sure they’re going to be fine.

Aviation Gin

Gordon also questioned whether Ryan’s children will turn out normal. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

Gordon then moves on to Deadpool, telling Ryan he has heard good things about the movie but hasn’t seen it himself. When Ryan asks why, Gordon says, “No, I was recently diagnosed with stage four I-Don’t-Give-A-Sh*t. I’m afraid it’s terminal.

Not giving Ryan time to respond, Gordon launches into the topic of Ryan’s gin company, Aviation Gin. Of course, no subject can be discussed without a backhanded compliment, so Gordon says,”You bought a gin company. That’s so grown up of you.

From here, he veers off on his own tangent and asks, “What about a monkey?

Aviation Gin

Ryan is bombarded by questions that doubt his work in the industry. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

At Ryan’s confusion, Gordon obliges him by explaining, “Yeah, lots of celebs, they buy monkeys. Justin Bieber had a monkey, Bubbles.” Ryan tries to explain that it was actually Michael Jackson whose monkey was named Bubbles, but Gordon cuts him off to ask him why he invested in this particular company.

Well, because Aviation Gin is the best goddamn gin on the planet, that’s why,” says Ryan, with barely concealed aggression.

Aviation Gin

Ryan gets annoyed and becomes aggressive towards his twin. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

At this, Gordon asks, “And you invented it? You invented gin?” After staring at him in incredulous disbelief, Ryan tells him that gin has been around forever and that Aviation Gin is ‘just a craft gin from Portland, Oregon’.

Gordon asks to taste the gin, and proceeds to take a bottle from next to him, pour a full glass and chug it all in one sip as Ryan looks on in confusion. Gordon then says, “Happy, happy gin day. Kind of tastes like a sunrise had sex with a feather duster.

He generously offers his brother this slogan for free, but Ryan curtly declines.

Aviation Gin

Gordon asks to taste the gin. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

Aviation Gin

He then downs a whole glass. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

Gordon then gets into the technicalities of the company. He questions whether Ryan is American or knows how to fly a plane, and since neither applies, he asks the hardest hitting question of the bunch, “Okay so roughly, how many celebrities passed before they found you?

Ryan awkwardly stares at his brother for a minute, then decides to end the last video. Here, the interview pays homage to the last interview Gordon did of Ryan’s when the former mimicked the latter until the end of his patience.

Aviation Gin

Gordon asks Ryan some hard hitting questions. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

I think I’ve had about enough“, “Stop it“, “Don’t“, “Butterberry Jimbo Bush“, “Suburban Commando 2,” say both the brothers in quick unison. Getting fed up, Ryan then gets up and leaves. Gordon yells out an “I love you!” to his retreating back, takes another swig of the gin, and ends the video by saying, “Mmm, he did something right.

Aviation Gin

Getting annoyed, Ryan gets up and leaves. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

Aviation Gin

Gordon sits behind and continues to drink. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

Fans loved the surprise return of Gordon Reynolds and voiced it commenting on Ryan’s post.

In Gordon Reynolds’ last interview of Ryan, Jake Gyllenhaal also had a small cameo.

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