Eminem called out Machine Gun Kelly during his concert in a brutal roast

The rappers are in a huge feud

by Asfa Shakeel

Eminem calls out Machine Gun Kelly during a concert in a brutal roast as part of the huge feud the rappers are head-locked in.


Eminem performs at Samsung Galaxy stage during 2014 Lollapalooza Day One at Grant Park on August 1, 2014, in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

During a recent concert in Brisbane, Eminem called out Machine Gun Kelly by refusing to perform Killshot, the song that he wrote as a diss to the latter rapper. Eminem revealed that his refusal was because he refused to “give that c**ksucker” any attention.


(Image source: Instagram/ Machine Gun Kelly)

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The crowd began chanting their demand for Killshot towards the end of the concert. Forced, Eminem addressed the issue. Refusing to perform, Eminem told the crowd, “I would, but I can’t give that c**ksucker any more f**king light”. He later added, “Brisbane, make it home safe. Make some noise for your-f**king-selves and make nothing for MGK.”

Watch the heated moment in this video:

Killshot is the latest song in a series of diss tracks that Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly have launched at each other in 2018. In Eminem’s latest album Kamikaze, he attacked MGK many times, which prompted the latter rapper to release his own diss track titled Rap Devil. Eminem followed suit with Killshot, and while MGK addressed it in interviews, he claimed it did not merit a response track.


DETROIT, MI – NOVEMBER 06: Special guest Eminem performs during the Big Sean concert in his hometown of Detroit at Joe Louis Arena on November 6, 2015, in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

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Since the release of Killshot, Eminem has performed live only three times and has never performed this song live. He is currently heading to New Zealand after performing a number of dates in Australia and will perform at Wellington on March 2.

Machine Gun Kelly has not yet responded to this diss.

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