Ellen surprises The Rock with hilarious Photoshopped birthday picture

by Amna Amir

Ellen DeGeneres surprised Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson with a hilarious birthday wish on her Instagram account on 3rd May, with an edited picture in which he is holding Ellen instead of his newly born baby girl.

Baywatch actor, 46, posted a picture of his newly born baby, named Tiana Gia Johnson, on April 23 from the hospital. In the picture, he was carefully holding her close to his chest.

dwayne johnson birthday

The Rock shared the birth of his baby girl with his fans. (Image source: Instagram/Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson)

The 60-year-old American comedian, Ellen, then took it to The Ellen Show‘s official Instagram page. She posted a Photoshopped picture of baby Tiana’s face swapped with hers and stated, ”Happy birthday, @TheRock. I have a Photoshop, too.”

The picture is Photoshopped in such a way that The Rock is seen gently holding baby Ellen, who is rocking a red infant body suit with white strips on it.

dwayne johnson birthday

Ellen posted the hilarious image on her official Instagram account. (Image source: Instagram/The Ellen Show)

This is not the first time the adorable original image has been Photoshopped. In fact, it is an amalgamated version of two other hilarious variations posted recently. Two days ago, The Rock himself posted an edited version of the original picture, in which he had replaced his babygirl’s face with Kevin Hart’s.

the rock and kevin hart

Dwayne Johnson shares his photoshopped version of Kevin Hart as his baby. (Image source: Instagram/Dwayne Johnson)

The picture was captioned:

“To my beloved son, @kevinhart4real
Twinkle Twinkle little Hart
I just don’t know where to start
Daddy will always love and protect your tiny little soul
Even though you were delivered directly out of the butthole.”

Fans absolutely loved the edit and were surprised when Kevin Hart posted a Photoshopped picture in response. He had swapped his son’s head with Dwayne’s face!

Kevin Hart posted an equally hilarious photo in response! (Image source: Instagram/Kevin Hart)

He captioned the picture, “Long talk with this little big jackass last night about the business & how hard we work & setting new goals for ourselves and also making 2018 possibly our biggest year yet. He got so excited because we started talking about Jumanji 2 & doing another movie together that I had to pop him in the mouth and tell him to shut the fuck up! The bottom line his that Kids will be Kids….I’m taking him to Disney land today to apologize. Good morning world HAPPY TUESDAY.”

Dwayne and Kevin starred together in the movie, Jumanji. (Image source: Instagram/Dwayne Johnson)

The Rock shares adorable videos of his second daughter, Jasmine Johnson. (Image source: Instagram/Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson)

Jokes aside, Johnson is delighted about the birth of his baby girl. He took her birth as an opportunity to thank women who he feels are not appreciated enough. He thanked his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, for being a strong woman and gave wise advice to all the gentlemen out there: to always be there for the women in their lives, and to be supportive during labor. His post served as a tribute to all mothers out there.

Dwayne with his girlfriend and newly born babygirl Tiana after delivery. (Image Source: Instagram/Lauren Hashian)

The Fast and Furious star previously appeared on The Ellen Show on 5th April. During his interview, he introduced the newest addition to his family, a gorilla named IYAMBERE. He also shared a picture on his Instagram page with the caption, “Like father, like son but he has much better hair and smells better.”

The rock was on Ellen’s show where he revealed about the newest edition to his family, a gorilla. (Image source: Instagram/Dwayne Johnson)

Dwayne Johnson recently teased an upcoming project with the Star Lord. Further details have not yet been revealed.

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