Ellen Degeneres helps out deserving couple that lost their house in the Carr Fire in California

by Asfa Shakeel

Ellen Degeneres recently helped out a firefighter couple that lost their recently renovated home in the California Wildfires. 

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen recently helped a couple out. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

Ellen Degeneres

The couple lost their home in the California Wildfires. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

Eric and Hope appeared on a recent episode of The Ellen Show. The couple have been together for 8 years and live together in California. Eric is a firefighter, with this being his 9th fire season, and was working when the Carr Fire took over his hometown of Redding.

Although Eric was not initially worried and told Hope to stay put at their home. However, the fire spread rapidly, pushing Hope to evacuate their house amidst heavy traffic, which she said was a ‘terrifying’ experience.

Ellen Degeneres

Hope had to evacuate the house after the fire crept up. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

Eric said the experience, despite being extremely harsh, helped him with “realigning your priorities and what’s important to you”, which for him was the people in his life rather than the things.

Ellen Degeneres

Eric said the experience helped him realign his priorities. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

Ellen called the couple down for an interview, during which Eric explained that at the time of the fire, he had been working for 2 weeks on a 24 on, 24 off basis. Hope also recounted her own experiences, saying she had been stuck in traffic for 15 to 20 minutes with the fire creeping up on them.

Ellen Degeneres

Eric works on a 24 on 24 off basis. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

The couple’s home was completely destroyed and they are currently staying between Hope and Eric’s parents houses. They will be rebuilding their house in the same exact spot, and although their insurance will cover the costs, they had recently done major renovations to their house that they did not get appraised.

Ellen Degeneres

They plan to rebuild their house in the exact same spot. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

The couple’s friends set up a GoFundMe page to raise the $20,000 they needed to cover expenses. They had already raised $12,000. To help the couple out, Ellen, with the help of Shutterfly, donated an additional $38,000, raising their total money up to $50,000.

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen donated $38,000 to the couple. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

Watch the full clip below:

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