Dani Vitale defends herself after fans accuse her of facilitating Lovato’s addiction: says she loves the singer just as much as the fans

by Asfa Shakeel

Dani Vitale, the backup dancer being blamed for Demi Lovato’s relapse and overdose has spoken out in self-defense, saying she wasn’t even with the singer at the time.

Dani Vitale

Dani Vitale spoke out in self-defense after being blamed for Lovato’s overdose. (Image source: Instagram/Dani Vitale)

After a history of substance abuse, addiction and rehab, Demi Lovato was found unconscious in her home last week and had to be treated with Narcan, an treatment reserved for narcotics overdoses. Lovato is currently recovering in the hospital, and during her down time, her fans have taken to finding out the details of how she slipped back into her old patterns.

Many blame backup dancer Dani Vitale, who was close to Lovato during her past struggles with substance abuse. Mike Manning, Lovato’s guitarist, added fuel to the flames when he blamed people close to Lovato for the overdose and threatened to expose them soon. Fans’ suspicions were confirmed when footage of Vitale and Lovato partying and celebrating Vitale’s birthday on the night of Lovato’s overdose was released.

Dani Vitale

Lovato and Vitale were celebrating the latter’s birthday on the night of the overdose. (Image source: Instagram/Dani Vitale)

Since then, fans have flooded Twitter with hateful comments against Vitale, who they believe is responsible for Lovato’s downfall.

Speaking out against the harsh accusations, Vitale took to Instagram to write, “I care about Demi just like all of you do. I have not said anything about this situation until now because her recovery has been of the most importance.”

Even though Demi was with her the night of the overdose, Vitale denied being with her in the later hours of the night when the actual incident occurred. The dancer added, “I was not with Demi when the incident happened, but I am with he now, and will continue to be because she means the world to me just as she does to all of you.”

Dani Vitale

She wrote a statement on Instagram defending herself. (Image source: Instagram/Dani Vitale)

She also urged fans to stop the hate, saying, “Like all of you, I have nothing but love in my heart for her. There is no need for any negativity towards the ones who care about Demi at this time. There is too much of it in this world as it is.”

Dani Vitale

She asked fans to stop the personal attacks on her. (Image source: Instagram/Dani Vitale)

She also reminded the Lovato fanbase of their core values, saying, “I know you’re all feeling lost without her at this moment in time. Remember that you have always been a community of Lovatics who LOVE. Please remember that when you take out your phones and start typing. Remember that we all love her more than we can ever put into words. Please continue to send her love during her recovery.”

Dani Vitale

She added that fans should focus on Lovato and her recovery for the time being. (Image source: Instagram/Dani Vitale)

In the days since Lovato’s overdose, her fans have risen up to support the singer in multiple ways. Beyond just attempting to find the person responsible for her overdose and hold them accountable, fans have made sure that the singer’s cancelled performances are honored to the best of their ability. Lovato was unable to perform at the Atlantic City BeachFest, so fans organized a meet up on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Together, they stood and sang her hits in an attempt to keep the spirit of her performances intact.

The hashtag #HowDemiHasHelpedMe has also been going around on Twitter as fans attempt to pull together a compilation of Lovato’s most inspirational moments.

Even though Lovato was generating buzz for a new album before her overdose, it seems that new music will be on the back burner for a while until she fully recovers.

Read Vitale’s full statement here:

Dani Vitale

(Image source: Instagram/Dani Vitale)

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