Comedian Chris Ramsey shares an emotional post on Instagram, telling fans that him and wife Rosie experienced a miscarriage

by Umey Aimen

The comedian who gained popularity from his Chris Ramsey show along with his social media star wife shared an emotionally challenging post on Instagram, informing the fans of the painful miscarriage that the couple experienced.

They shared that they were 12 weeks pregnant when the doctors informed them after a scan that Rosie had miscarried.

Chris with his wife Rosie. (Image source: Instagram/Chris Ramsey)

Chris Ramsey and Rosie got married in 2014 and have a son called Robin. Earlier this year, news of Rosie being pregnant started revolving on social media and fans were looking forward to welcoming another baby.

But the unfortunate turn of events suggested otherwise; Rosie miscarried nearly at the end of her first trimester. On Monday morning, Rosie shared an Instagram post which was later re-posted by her husband, star comedian Chris Ramsey.

The couple have a son named Robin. (Image source: Instagram/Rosie Winter)

She wrote that at their 12th week scan, the baby could not be found as she was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage.

She wrote:

“Good morning. Apologies for our silence across our social media’s this week, it’s safe to say we’ve had a pretty shi**y one, last week we thought we would be sharing some lovely news with you all but sadly that was not to be.”

When we went for our 12 week scan our baby could not be found. He or she had passed early on in the pregnancy leaving behind the pregnancy sac, this is called a Blighted Ovum. (missed miscarriage).”

She further added, “My body still thought I was pregnant for all those weeks after the baby had passed, hormones were released and everything apart from the baby was still growing.”

“I’d never heard of this before so as you can imagine it all came as a great shock.”

Chris with his son Robin. (Image source: Instagram/Chris Ramsey)

Chris not only re-posted his wife’s photo but also shared another Instagram post, updating, “Rosie is ‘doing fine,” before offering support to other men who have been through a miscarriage. He wrote:

“Thanks so much for all of your messages. It really means the world. Rosie is doing fine and is such a legend. It’s affected us both emotionally but it’s been such a physical drain on her too.”

“Nature can be a cruel c**t sometimes. It’s astounding how many people this has happened to. You’re all absolutely incredible.”

“Big love to all the men who’ve been through this. You don’t have to suffer in silence. Thanks again. Normal service will resume soon.”

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