Charlie Puth speaks out about regrets following Mac Miller’s death, says he did not do enough to help

The two had recently become close friends

by Aavish Bilal

Charlie Puth has spoken out about 26-year-old rapper Mac Miller’s death, saying the two had gotten extremely close in the six months leading to his overdose.

Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth spoke up about his thoughts on Mac Miller’s death. (Image source: Instagram/Charlie Puth)

On Friday, Mac Miller was found dead in his home in San Fernandino of an apparent overdose. In the months leading up to his death, Miller had also been served with a DUI and had an accident while driving under the influence.

He had told press at the time that the accident had motivated him to get his life together and cut back on intoxicants, but the 26 year old did not get the chance.

Charlie Puth

Mac Miller passed away at the age of 26. (Image source: Instagram/Mac Miller)

Both Miller and singer Charlie Puth trained with Harley Pasternak. The latter opened up and told E! about the effect the former’s death has had on him. He said that he had been keeping in touch with the rapper for almost a year, explaining, “We talked almost every day and I don’t get a lot of friends who come into my life who I hit it off with so quickly.”

He added, “I had known him for about six months, but we became really close, we became really good friends and I always thought I’d be the one to help him get clean and to lead him onto the path of a good, clean, sober life.”

Puth said that hearing that Miller had died of an overdose made him feel like he “didn’t do enough”.

Charlie Puth

Puth says he feels he did not do enough for Miller. (Image source: Instagram/Charlie Puth)

The young singer said, “Every time someone close to me passes away I always text their phone and—I don’t know why I do this often—I just wrote, ‘I love you man,’ and I knew he wasn’t going to write back but I just felt like I had to do it anyway.”

The singer also wrote a message for Miller on Twitter; “I can’t keep losing friends like this…I wish I spent more time with you these past weeks…I’m so sorry… rip MAC…you wrote the soundtrack to my college years and I’m so happy I got to know you…this sucks this really really sucks.”

Charlie Puth

Image source: Twitter/Charlie Puth

Puth has been touring with Hailee Steinfeld on the Voicenotes Tour.

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