Cardi B shows off the new Lamborghini she purchased to ‘take pictures and rap about’: the new mom is a professional passenger

by Asfa Shakeel

Cardi B shows off her post-baby body and new matching Lamborghini set with husband Offset. The cars seem to be push presents for the new parents.

Cardi B

Cardi B showed off her new purchase on social media. (Image source: Instagram/ Cardi B)

Cardi gave birth to daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus on July 10. Since then, the new mom has had a stressful time. She has posted on social media about having a tough time regaining her confidence after giving birth, Offset was arrested for driving under the influence and she had to drop out of Bruno Mars’s 24K Magic Tour because of the overwhelming responsibilities of motherhood.

However, 19 days after giving birth, it seems Cardi has regained some of her confidence with her purchase of matching Lamborghini’s. Cardi got herself a blue one ad Offset purchased a green colored car: the purchases put them back just $210,000 per car. She posted a picture of herself, Offset and the cars on Instagram, writing, “Blessed & Gifted … Official Lamb owners. @offset #aventador #His&Hers #Kulture Parents.” The last hashtag makes fans think the car is a push present for the couple in honor of their new daughter.

Cardi B

She purchased a blue Lambo for herself and Offset got a matching green one. (Image source: Instagram/ Cardi B)

The new purchase makes sense after Cardi’s interview on The Ellen Show during her pregnancy, in which she said, “You wanna know something, I think I want like a Lamborghini truck. ‘Cause I need a baby car, even though I don’t drive but you know what I’m saying.” When Ellen questioned why Cardi wants a car when she can’t drive, the rapper responded, “I’m a professional passenger.”

A fan on the Instagram page Hollywood Unlocked attacked Cardi over this, writing, “Cardi don’t even drive, For what u need a Lambo, mam? (sic)” to which Cardi replied, “To take pictures and rap about.” She has rapped about wanting a Lamborghini in her song I Like It, saying, “Eating halal, driving the Lam’.

Cardi B

Image source: Instagram/ Cardi B

In her Instagram story, she shared a receipt for the car and said, “If I’m going to rap about having a Lambo, I’m going to own a motherf***ing Lambo.” She also showed off the nails she got to match the car, posing with her hand sporting her massive engagement ring contrasted against the car.

Cardi B

She got matching blue nails to mirror her expensive purchase. (Image source: Instagram/ Cardi B)

In addition to sharing the news of her Lamborghini, Cardi also showed off her post-baby body to her 29 million Instagram followers. She posed on her car in maroon sweatpants and a white top showing off her cleavage, showing her fans that she’s quickly snapping back into shape. Just about a week ago, she told fans on Instagram that she did not want to turn the camera on herself because she was struggling with herself post-labor.

Cardi B

Cardi has resisted showing off her post-baby body on social media before. (Image source: Instagram/Cardi B)

After pulling herself from the Bruno Mars tour, Cardi has not yet told fans when she plans to return to the stage.

Watch Cardi’s full interview on Ellen here:

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