Ben Simmons’ ex-girlfriend Tinashe claims the basketball player texted her from inside a nightclub they were both at

by Asfa Shakeel

Ben Simmons’ ex-girlfriend Tinashe claims he texted her while in the club with current girlfriend Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons’ ex-girlfriend claimed he texted her. (Image source: Instagram/Ben Simmons)

Ben Simmons' ex-girlfriend

He was with Kendall at the time. (Image source: Instagram/Tinashe)

Kendall and Ben were in the Poppy nightclub on Thursday night. During that time, Ben’s ex, Tinashe, whom he dated from March until May, claimed that the NBA player sent her text messages while inside the venue. The Blast reported that when asked by a reporter about whether she saw Kendall and Simmons inside, she said yes and revealed that he messaged her.

Ben Simmons' ex-girlfriend

Kendall and Ben went to the club on Thursday night. (Image source: Instagram/Kendall Jenner)

Ben Simmons' ex-girlfriend

Tinashe was also there. (Image source: Instagram/Tinashe)

While showing her phone, she said, “He’s texting me. What the hell? What’s he doing? What an idiot!” The photographer then said, “You know he’s doing it for fame.” Tinashe responded to that dig at Simmons in the affirmative.

Ben Simmons' ex-girlfriend

She told reporters he texted her. (Image source: Instagram/Tinashe)

Tinashe and Ben started dating mid-march, and they broke up two months later in May. It is unclear whether Simmons started dating Kendall before or after he broke up with Tinashe. Jenner and Simmons were first spotted together towards the end of May at different outings in New York and LA. A source told Page Six at the time that they had been dating at the time ‘for a few weeks’.

Ben Simmons' ex-girlfriend

Simmons and Tinashe dated for a two months. (Image source: Instagram/Ben Simmons)

In a since deleted tweet, Tinashe’s brother Kachingwe posted, “Never met you before in my life. Days after u break my sis heart u do this (sic).” He also added, “no f**king excuse for cheating, be a man and figure it out (sic).”

Ben Simmons' ex-girlfriend

Tinashe’s brother ranted about Simmons on Twitter. (Image source: Instagram/Tinashe)

Addressing the rumors that Simmons and Tinashe broke up because she was Kardashian-like and paparazzi obsessed, he wrote, “people all lied on her talking fake news about my sis doing kardashian sh*t u cheat on her w a Jenner (sic).

Ben Simmons' ex-girlfriend

Simmons and Tinashe broke up because she became very Kardashian like. (Image source: Instagram/Tinashe)

Calming down after a while, Kachingwe posted, “Sorry for blowing up y’all twitter everyone. It was actually the only way to defend my sister (sic).

Tinashe’s only statement after the break up was, “I set the bar, I’m the fu**in bar (sic).”

Ben Simmons' ex-girlfriend

Tinashe’s statement after the break up had to do with her setting the bar. (Image source: Instagram/Tinashe)

Jenner herself is dating Simmons right after being rumored to be with Blake Griffin and Anwar Hadid.

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