Fans are flooding Kris Jenner’s art posts by reminding her of the epic Art Vandelay prank pulled off by Khloe Kardashian

by Asfa Shakeel

Kris Jenner is back at it with bragging about art, and fans cannot take her seriously after Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick pulled the Art Vandelay prank.

Art Vandelay

Fans cannot take Kris Jenner seriously after the Art Vandelay prank. (Image source: YouTube/E! Entertainment)

In episode two of the fifteenth season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe teamed up with Scott Disick to teach Momager a lesson about art-shaming.

After being ridiculed by her mother for not knowing about the famous Jeff Koons balloon dog, Khloe decided to make Kris’ very recent passion for art into the punchline for an epic joke.

Art Vandelay

Kris shamed Khloe for not knowing about Jeff Koons. (Image source: YouTube/E! Entertainment)

Scott lined up one of his friends who knew nothing about art to pretend to be an artist called Art Vandelay, a name that they took off of Seinfeld. According to Urban Dictionary, Art Vandelay is “An alias that can be used for almost any purpose.

After Jenner met this artist, Disick and Kardashian made her feel like she was stupid to not have known exactly who he was. They also pretended that everyone in the art collectors world had a piece from this artist.

Art Vandelay

Scott had Kris meeting a friend of hers who was pretending to be an artist. (Image source: YouTube/E! Entertainment)

Khloe then took a canvas and some paints and glitter and made a couple of pieces that turned out surprisingly well. She then had the pieces framed and delivered to Kris as a gift from Vandelay. Corey Gamble, Kris Jenner’s boyfriend who was in on the whole joke, suggested that Kris hang the art up at the entrance of her house, and Kris readily agreed.

Art Vandelay

Khloe made some fake art. (Image source: YouTube/E! Entertainment)

Art Vandelay

She turned out to be good at it. (Image source: YouTube/E! Entertainment)

Art Vandelay

Her and Scott gifted the art to Kris on behalf of Jeff Koons. (Image source: YouTube/E! Entertainment)

Fans took to Twitter in the thousands to tweet about how epic the prank had been, comparing it to the Todd Kraines joke that was previously thought of as the peak of KUWTK pranks.

A day after the episode aired, Jenner took to Instagram to share some art that she found beautiful. Fans could not contain the opportunity to crack jokes; almost the entire comment section consists of Art Vandelay.

Art Vandelay

Kris recently posted about an art piece she likes. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Jenner)

“Khloe is a pretty good artist too,” one fan reminded Jenner.

“You sure this was not done by the most talented artist @khloekardashian?” another asked.

“Well he’s no Art Vandalay!” another one wrote.

“You sure it wasn’t Khloe’s rendering?” another said.

Art Vandelay

Fans cannot stop comparing the piece to ‘Art Vandelay’s’ creations. (Image source: YouTube/E! Entertainment)

“This is for sure a @khloekardashian piece, the master has done it again,” another exclaimed.

Another wrote, “I prefer Art Vandalay myself.

One fan reminded Kris, “What about Art Vandelay? I heard he’s amazing.”

Kris has not yet spoken up about her reaction to the prank or whether she still has Khloe’s pieces at the entrance of her house.

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