Ariana Grande posts an emotional video montage of her pet Piggy Smalls and fans cannot handle it

Ariana and Pete love their adopted pig so much that Pete even tattooed it on his arm!

by Asfa Shakeel

Ariana Grande and her pet pig did a video montage together, and fans cannot get enough of the adorable moments the two shared together.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande made a video montage with her pet pig. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Grande revealed via posts on social media about a month ago that she and Davidson adopted a pet pig named Piggy Smalls.  A fan pointed out to the singer that pet pigs are illegal in New York, and Grande replied back, “SHE’S AN EMOTIONAL SUPPORT PIG I NEED HER.”

Ariana Grande

Grande has the pig for emotional support. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Grande’s ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, recently passed away due to an alleged drug overdose. Grande has been taking some downtime since hearing the news, and it looks like Piggy is helping her get through this hard time.

The engaged couple love their pet so much that Davidson even had a picture of the pig tattooed on his arm! Their newest declaration of love comes in the form of Grande’s video montage.

One fan commented, “Wait are you giving the pig away this sounds sad.”

Grande replied saying, “r u ok”, confirming that the pig, illegal or not, is here to stay.

Chrissy Teigen wrote, “This is absolutely ridiculous I love it so much.”

Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson even got a tattoo of the pig. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Courtney Chipolone commented, “got me crying man.”

Another fan wrote, “ur chicken is so beautiful”, joking about the time when Kylie Jenner mistook a baby pig for a chicken.

“Is that a chicken?” asked another fan, cracking the same joke.

“Am I supposed to laugh or cry?” another fan asked.

Ariana Grande

Fans love the video. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

“Now we want a 1 minute and 14 seconds song about piggy as well,” another fan floated the idea.

“I’ve never wishes to be a pig till now…” one fan wrote.

Another one wrote, “I still don’t understand why you have a pig but ok I love your mind bye.”


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Ariana Grande

They can’t handle how cute Grande’s videos are. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Grande has not yet told fans if Piggy Smalls is a permanent member of her family.

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