‘American Idol’ fans think the show is ‘racist’ based on the elimination

by Amna Amir

ABC singing competition, American Idol, went ahead with a Disney theme on 29th April just to refresh some childhood memories. Results ended up disappointing fans to a point where they concluded that ‘the show is racist’.

After three favorite contestants were eliminated, fans argued the eliminations were based not on performances but genders and ethnicities. Those eliminated included an African-American, a Latina, and a drag queen.

american idol

‘American Idol’ judges along with the top ten contestants of the show. (Image Source: Twitter)

The top 10 singers gave their best performances one after the other, as each one of them sang their hearts out. Their song choices were approved by Let It Go songstress, Idina Menzel, who voiced the Frozen’s character, Elsa. Menzel served as a mentor for all the top ten contestants, which included Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Michael J. Woodard, Maddie Poppe, Gabby Barret, Catie Turner, Jurnee, Michelle Sussette, Ava Vox, Deniz Lorenzo and Cade Foehner. The Tony award winner met the top ten singers on their trip to Disneyland.

katy perry snow white

Katy Perry poses as Snow White. (Image Source: Twitter)

The entire American Idol platform was in its magical Disney spirit, with Katy Perry donning the iconic ‘Snow White’ dress whereas Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie wore badges with the titles of ‘Happy’ and ‘Dopey’.

american idol disney

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest posing with Mickey Mouse animated figure. (Image Source: Twitter)

Previously, Katy had posted a clip on her Twitter account, wearing a Cinderella outfit with a glass slipper in her hand. She announced that the voting would be ‘live from coast to coast’, and everyone would vote during the show, which would then decide elimination.

Fans took it to their Twitter accounts to express their concerns regarding the limited time provided for voting.  They expressed that the voting criteria made no sense and it was absolutely unfair for the ones that had performed towards the end, as the voting line closed few minutes after the last performance. Meanwhile, the ones that had performed their songs in the start of the show were allotted ample time for voting.

american idol

The Disney themed show failed to excite fans who saw flaws. (Image Source: Twitter)

There were suggestions made for the producers to rethink their decision of voting and elimination within one night, and to bring back the three singers that were outvoted.

The uproar didn’t just end on the timing being an issue; fans started to claim the show was filled with racism and that elimination was done on the basis of such ethical and moral differences.

Fans claim the voting was racist and biased. (Image Source: Twitter)

Ava Vox was eliminated, despite the fact that she had the strongest vocals of all times on the show and was the most competitive singer. She sang Circle of Life from the Lion King, which turned out to be the favorite performance. However, fans believe she got eliminated because she is a drag queen. Dennis Lorrenzo (African-American) and Michelle Sussett (Latina immigrant) were also eliminated.

american idol

Fans believe contestants who stayed had white privilege. (Image Source: Twitter)

Some even compared the American Idol result to that of presidential elections result that took place in 2016.

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