The Cutest It Could Ever Get? Kylie Jenner Shares An Adorable Picture Of Baby Stormi With Great Grandmother MJ

by Hafsah Haq

Kylie Jenner has fed the need of every fan to see Stormi with her great grandmother, MJ, in an adorable picture! 

MJ is Kris Jenner’s mother and she serves as the head of the family. Looking at MJ and Stormi’s picture, it was very apparent that the great grandmother was unable to control her joy as she held the little baby.


MJ and Stormi

Great grandmother MJ holds baby Stormi with so much love and care. (Source: Instagram)

The caption Kylie wrote was perfect, phrased simply, “I mean.. does it get any better than this?”

Stormi can be seen laying in her great grandma’s arms with the most innocent look ever! She was wrapped up in a baby pink blanket with a green pacifier between her lips.

MJ looks absolutely delighted! The picture documents a very beautiful moment between a great grandmother and her great granddaughter. But that wasn’t the end of it. Another picture of Stormi’s tiny hand holding MJ’s finger had our hearts melting.

MJ and Stormi

A similar picture to that of Stormi and Kylie posted before, this touching moment between a great grandma and great granddaughter is memorable. (Source: Instagram)

It appears that MJ has decided to play an active role in her great granddaughter’s life already. She seems to be helping her granddaughter out in raising the baby.


The most heartwarming picture in which Kylie is held onto by her baby girl Stormi. (Source: Instagram)

Kylie has always been an avid social media user and her absence during the most important time of her life – her pregnancy – had fans aching.

She returned to the much awaiting fans with the most adorable 11 minute video that documented her pregnancy journey.

Kylie pregnancy

Kylie Jenner gave birth to daughter, Stormi Webster. (Source: YouTube)

After that, it was only a matter of little time for us to get a glimpse of Stormi Webster! And ever since the 20-year-old makeup guru and new mother got back to social media, she definitely has kept Stormi in the limelight!

Kylie and Stormi

The new mother is definitely over the moon as she finally returns to social media with Stormi. (Source: Instagram)


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A source updated E! News regarding Kylie’s first few weeks post birth, “It’s been a big adjustment for Kylie, but she’s loving be a mom and watching all of the little things that Stormi is doing each day.”

Stormi Webster

Kylie posted this picture of Stormi on her Snapchat and we’re mesmerized. (Source: Snapchat)

The source continued, “She’s exhausted and emotional, but she’s also completely in love.”

In fact, another source updated PEOPLE about Kylie’s performance as a new mother. They said ‘she’s a really great mom,’ and that ‘she’s incredibly hands-on’.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie celebrated Stormi’s first month birthday with a post on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

There really is no one more in love with baby Stormi as much as Kylie herself. She admitted she could not stop staring at her baby girl. And it seems that the 25-year-old Kylie’s partner, Travis Scott, is showing just as much of an interest in his ‘lil mama’, according to his Snapchat.

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Travis scott Stormi

Travis Scott shared his sentiments as a proud dad on his snapchat. (Source: Snapchat)

He proudly shared a picture of Stormi on his Snapchat wearing a sweater with the word ‘Daddy’ written inside a heart.

Stormi Webster

Stormi is seen sucking on a purple pacifier. (Source: Snapchat)

It has been over a month now since Stormi was born, and Kylie already claims she sees a semblance of herself in her little daughter!

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