Kris Jenner revealed which child she is currently playing favorites with in the Kardashian/Jenner clan, on Sunday.

Kris Jenner
Supermom Kris Jenner loves to play. favorites (Source: Getty Images)

During an interview with Australia’s KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O, the successful mom revealed that she does play favorites from time to time. She mentioned that Khloe is on her “favorite child list” as the two Kardashian women have been bonding while shopping for Khloe’s future baby girl.

The momager said, “The last couple days it’s been Khloe. She’s on the favorite child list. Her and I have been bonding and shopping for the new baby.”

Khloe is currently top of the list for Kris’ affection. (Source: Getty Images)

Jenner runs the Kardashian household like the efficient matriarch she is and does not let anyone feel neglected. She also looks after all her children, but likes some better than the others.

She is also pregnant and will soon have her own baby girl. (Source: Getty Images)
Kris and Khloe had a recent bonding moment while shopping for Khloe’s future baby (Source: Instagram)

According to the 62-year-old matriarch, her preference changes depending on which child she feels warm towards, or who has earned sufficient brownie points. Currently, it seems Khloe has been racking up her share of points. She’s mama bear’s favorite cub!

Khloe also hid her pregnancy in the early days. (Source: Instagram)

Jackie O, who interviewed Jenner, was surprised at her answer. She thought Kim or Kylie would have been top of the list. Her confusion had Kris expressing another fun fact, that her favorites change almost every day!

Jenner said, “Anybody who’s a parent to a lot of kids knows… it depends on the day since there’s a lot of dynamics in a mother/child relationship.”



Kris admits that she has different favorites depending on different times. (Source: Getty Images)
Kris manages all her children on a regular basis. (Source: Getty Images)

After learning the sex of her baby, Khloe was not thrilled to know that she would be having a daughter, despite the fact that Kylie and Kim just had daughters of their own.

Jenner was supportive and shared similar sentiments with Khloe on wanting sons as well, but getting daughters instead. This heart-to-heart between the duo spurred cutesy moments.

She has to share Kendall and Kylie with ex Caitlyn Jenner. (Source: Getty Images)
She revealed that everyone gets paid fairly depending on how much they appear on the show (Source: Getty Images)

Jenner is a workaholic. Along with being a momager to Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob, she also manages Kendall and Kylie.

In the interview, Jackie also asked about Kylie’s health. The youngest Kardashian recently gave birth to an adorable baby girl named Stormi. She decided to go dark on social media during her pregnancy, a decision that Kris called incredibly “mature.”

Kylie is the newest mom in the Kardashian household. (Source: Instagram)

Although Jenner has favorites, she mentioned that it’s fair pay for fair work.

“I think everyone is paid pretty equally then it goes to how often they appear on the show so if you’re never in the show… you gotta work to earn your supper around here. No free ride around here!” she said.

She also kept her pregnancy secret but Kris totally supported her decision. (Source: YouTube)

The interview ended with Kris talking about Rob’s new healthy lifestyle.

She said, “We’re not worried about Rob. He’s eating healthy and on a good plan.”


Rob Kardashian
Rob Kardashian is currently working on a healthier lifestyle. (Source: Getty Images)

Rob Kardashian used to be overweight, but is now taking care of himself with a healthy regime.


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