Murderer on the Loose? Lenny Dykstra Accuses Charlie Sheen of “Two and a Half Men” of Planning Ex-Assistant’s Murder!

by Nayab

Popular actor, Charlie Sheen, has allegedly been accused by Lenny Dykstra, former MLB player, of planning the murder of his ex-assistant!


Actor Charlie Sheen attends premiere award ceremony. (Source: Getty Images)

According to a few sources, he would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for his meddling former friend, Lenny Dykstra.


Lenny Dykstra (L) with a friend in a recent hang out. (Source: Instagram)

Lenny, ex-friend, ex-con and former major league center fielder, opened up on an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

In the interview, he revealed quite a bit about his relationship with Sheen. Including the fact that the actor once arranged for an ex-assistant’s murder. Apparently.

Lenny also added that Sheen had discovered his HIV-positive status in 2015 but didn’t tell his several sexual partners.


Charlie with a close friend at a night out. (Source: Getty Images)



Lenny, Charlie’s former friend, takes a cheeky selfie. (Source: Instagram)

Though this might hurt Sheen’s ethical reputation, it certainly cannot pave a path to making him a murderer.

It was also reported that Sheen’s assistant, Rick Calamaro, died in 2012.


The actor hid his HIV positive status for years. (Source: Instagram)

He was found “lying face-up in his bed beside a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, in his longtime Fairfax district apartment.”

His traumatized maid gave the statement.


Charlie Sheen on set of a much older film. (Source: Instagram)

It was the autopsy that allegedly gave Sheen away.

The report counted ‘very high’ levels of Fentanyl, which is a powerful sedative and opiate.


The actor poses with fellow actor in a behind the scenes shot. (Source: Instagram)

According to the reports, Calamaro was also suffering from severe depression and had been ingesting pain and anxiety medication regularly.

Lenny also claimed that the assistant was writing a book about Sheen.


Charlie poses with his signature mystery inducing smile. (Source: Instagram)

The book would have been a tell-all revelation work. Lenny stated that the exposure is why Calamaro got ‘iced’.

Once Lenny was released from prison, he made his way over to Sheen to ask him what had happened to his assistant.


Maybe Charlie should reconsider messing with ex-cons. (Source: Instagram)

Sheen, apparently, replied, “You mean Dead Rick? What fucking happened is the motherfucker tried to blackmail me just like you said – wanted $5 million. I had him fucking iced.”

“He said he had a hot dose put in there,” Dykstra clarified, using slang for a lethal intravenous injection.


Charlie Sheen with Denise Richards at the Golden Globes. (Source: Getty Images)

Calamore was injected with the lethal injection when he wasn’t suspecting it.

However, there is no proof that Lenny is telling the truth.


Charlie with his cast members on set of Two and a Half Men. (Source: Instagram)

Sheen immediately got a lawyer and Shane Bernard, his lawyer, called the ex-con’s claims ‘disturbing, vile, unreliable and outright ridiculous’.

While there is no evidence of whatever Lenny has been saying but Sheen’s ex-fiancee, Scottine ‘Brett’ Rossi, shared his sentiment.


The actor smiles blithely despite the allegations on him. (Source: Getty Images)

She said in 2015, that Sheen “wanted to murder people that he was angry with”.

Whichever way you slice it, innocent until proven for-a-fact guilty… right?

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