Austrian drag queen, Conchita Wurst, reveals she is HIV positive

by Nayab

Conchita Wurst is a brave beauty queen and the Internet is proud of her. The Austrian drag queen recently took to social media to announce her HIV positive status.

She said she has been living with the virus for many years, and although it hasn’t become apparent yet, she wanted to break the news herself.


Conchita was being blackmailed by an ex who threatened to reveal her HIV status. (Source: Instagram/Conchita Wurst)


The German drag queen then uploaded a long statement herself. (Source: Instagram/Conchita Wurst)

The glamorous diva has a full-fledged beard and she flaunts it proudly. She won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014. Her talents and beauty are only matched by her strong self-belief and confidence. And now, she has stood up to announce something most people would shrink from even accepting: she has HIV but she is not ashamed.

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She revealed that she has had HIV for some time now. (Source: Instagram/Conchita Wurst)


She’s also been getting treatment for it. (Source: Instagram/Conchita Wurst)


Her condition hasn’t stopped her from feeling a 100%. (Source: Instagram/Conchita Wurst)

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In fact, coming out with it has made her feel liberated. (Source: Instagram/Conchita Wurst)

Conchita is the alter ego of Thomas Neuwirth, a German model, singer and performer. She has a lot of fans all over the world, most of whom are proud of her decision to come clean. They are also concerned about the way she had to break the news.

The drag queen revealed that she was being blackmailed by an ex-boyfriend who told her he would go to the media with the news and expose her. Conchita was wise and knew her fans would support her no matter what; she dropped the ball and told everyone before her ex could take unfair advantage of her.

“Coming out is better than being outed by a third party,” she said.

Fans immediately came to her support.

So proud of get bravery today. Shame it was done under such circumstances.

But considering what she represent she’ll get only love, respect and kindest from her fans.

— Daniel Reid (@DanielCraigReid) April 15, 2018

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Fans have sent in sincere support and good wishes. (Source: Instagram/Conchita Wurst)

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Conchita has not received any sort of mass hate. (Source: Instagram/Conchita Wurst)

Conchita took control of her own narrative, a move that fans found empowering and inspirational. She released a long statement in which she emphasized on wanting to end the stigmatization faced by people who’re infected by HIV, either through their own behavior or not. You go girl!

She also said, “I will not give anyone the right to frighten me and influence my life in the future.” She added that she has been undergoing medical treatment for many years and is healthy and strong. And now that she has outed herself, she feels stronger and more liberated than she ever felt before.

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She’s now working towards reducing stigma for HIV positive people. (Source: Instagram/Conchita Wurst)

There were a couple of reasons which stopped her from revealing this info to her fans before this. One of them was her family; even though they have supported her from the beginning, she didn’t want them to feel embarrassed by her positive status. Second, she only wanted to tell people she was likely to have sex with; she didn’t believe it was relevant for the general public.

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She feels that with her condition, she can make a difference. (Source: Instagram/Conchita Wurst)

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She’s been teaching the Internet a lot about courage, confidence and self love. (Source: Instagram/Conchita Wurst)

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Here’s to Conchita’s journey so far and the long, happy road ahead! (Source: Instagram/Conchita Wurst)

However, now she is using it as a tool for positive change. Conchita has been discussing the negative impact of harsh stigma against HIV positive people. She wants to end the discrimination and hurt they have to go through. And we’re positive that she’s going to get there!

Conchita signed off by writing that she’s super motivated to be her best self and be honest with her fans. She has received overwhelmingly positive support from fans all over the world. Meanwhile, everyone is hating on her ex-boyfriend, who threatened to expose her. Joke’s on him, though; everyone loves Conchita’s courage and confidence!

We hope she stays healthy and fit.

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