After months and months of rumors and contemplation, Kylie Jenner has officially announced the birth of her first baby with rapper Travis Scott, and it’s a girl!

The 20-year-old model took to Instagram to make the announcement after staying in the hospital for a week.

Here’s what Kylie posted:

Kylie Jenner announces her baby’s birth! (Source: Instagram)
 Kylie Jenner apologized to her fans for keeping her pregnancy in the dark, while also mentioning that she wanted to remain stress-free so as not to harm her baby. She added that she is so happy she ‘could burst’! Aw!
Kylie’s pregnant belly. (Source: YouTube)

Finally revealing her pregnancy and the birth of her child to her fans, Kylie also shared a YouTube video, showcasing the last 9 months.

kylie jenner
Kylie poses with her pregnant belly. (Source: YouTube)

“Thank you @wttyler for putting this together. Here’s a little glimpse of the last 9 months,” she wrote in her post as she shared the video.

And indeed, the video is a tear-jerking overview of Kylie’s pregnancy. It is an absolute treat for fans to watch!

The video, titled ‘To Our Daughter’, opens with Jordyn Woods, Kylie’s best friend, addressing the baby girl. It then goes on to show Kylie, Travis Scott, their friends and their family throughout Kylie’s pregnancy.

kylie jenner
Jordy Woods opens the video. (Source: YouTube)
kylie jenner
Jordyn Woods records pregnant Kylie Jenner. (Source: YouTube)

The video covers heartwarming ultrasounds and doctor visits.

kylie jenner
Kylie in anticipation at her first ultrasound. (Source: YouTube)
kylie jenner
Kylie and Travis hug at a hospital visit. (Source: YouTube)
An ultrasound image of the little Jenner. (Source: YouTube)
kylie jenner
Kylie’s ultrasound. (Source: YouTube)
Kylie during a doctor’s visit. (Source: YouTube)
Kylie’s growing belly. (Source: YouTube)

It shows Kylie’s growing belly.

kylie jenner
Kylie makes a mirror footage with her bump. (Source: YouTube)
Kylie records herself with a full bump. (Source: YouTube)
The pregnant mum-to-be records herself in the mirror. (Source: YouTube)
Kylie’s pregnant belly. (Source: YouTube)
Kylie’s pregnant belly. (Source: YouTube)
kylie jenner
Kylie’s belly zoomed in. (Source: YouTube)
kylie jenner
Travis places his hand on Kylie’s belly. (Source: YouTube)

It even features a secret baby shower the 20-year-old had, inviting her close family and friends!

Kylie’s family and friends at the baby shower. (Source: YouTube)
Kylie with a pregnant friend. (Source: YouTube)
Kylie at her baby shower. (Source: YouTube)
kylie jenner
Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods at the baby shower. (Source: YouTube)
kylie jenner
Kris Jenner at the baby shower. (Source: YouTube)

It shows Kylie with her boyfriend, Travis Scott, and her family.

kylie jenner
Pregnant Kylie hugs Travis. (Source: YouTube)
kylie jenner
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott hold hands.(Source: YouTube)
Kylie hugs Travis. (Source: YouTube)
kylie jenner
Travis gifts Kylie little shoes for the newborn. (Source: YouTube)
Tiny baby shoes. (Source: YouTube)

At one point, Kylie also holds Kim’s baby, Chicago West, presumably to prepare for the birth of her own baby.

Chicago West. (Source: YouTube)
kylie jenner
Kylie holding Chicago. (Source: YouTube)
kylie jenner
Kim and Kylie with Chicago. (Source: YouTube)
Kim hands Chicago to Kylie. (Source: YouTube)
kylie jenner
The family with little Chicago West. (Source: YouTube)
kylie jenner
Kylie Jenner holds little Chicago. (Source: YouTube)

And finally, a quick glimpse of when Kylie was having the baby, and the baby herself right after she was born!

Scott waiting for the birth of his baby. (Source: YouTube)
Kylie’s baby arrives! (Source: YouTube)
Kylie shares a glimpse of her baby girl. (Source: YouTube)

Watch the full video here:

A source close to Travis Scott has said, “He seems so happy and just keeps rubbing her head and saying, ‘Daddy’s here. Daddy’s here.'”

Before this, it was all rumors and speculations. Kylie was taking pregnancy classes, she was preparing to make a social media comeback, as soon as she gave birth to her girl. And she has done that!

Furthermore, a source has revealed to People that Kylie Jenner already has the perfect name picked out for her baby! However, the actual name was not disclosed.


Now that the world finally knows the truth, we wish the new parents all the best with this new phase of their lives!


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