Diplo's Second Beef with Taylor Swift - States Kids Don't Want Her Music

Diplo steps up for a second feud saying kids don't relate to Taylor Swift's music at all, that he himself relates more to Most Malone than her.

Bekaar Films - A Youtube Channel Portraying Pakistani Customs!

Bekaar films is the new emerging Pakistani social media channel, which makes funny videos portraying Pakistani customs everyone on an average deals with.

Daastan - The Self-Publishing Platform is Endorsing New Pakistani Writers

Daastan is a self-publishing platform and has encouraged many new aspiring Pakistani writers to come forward with their work and self-publish it.

A Budding Pakistani Musician talks about the Art of Music and Hope!

A Budding Pakistani Musician speaks at length about her venture into the branch of music, her hurdles, what she hopes to achieve and what inspires her.