Real Life
'Cat Calls of NYC': Girl fights street harassment with chalk art

Sophie Sandberg started Cat Calls of NYC in 2016. In 2 years, the project has expanded worldwide and has an upcoming event called Chalk Back.  

Erica Lauren is a spot-on doppelganger of Meghan Markle

Fans are convinced that body-positivity activist, Erica Lauren, is a doppelganger of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Lauren says a number of comments made her investigate Markle back when she had no idea who the former Suits actress was.

Watch these cute toddlers recreate the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding now has its very own miniature reenactment done by impeccably dressed toddlers! Toddlewood is an adorable series that recreates prominent celebrity events using props, sets and most importantly, cute tots.