9-Year-Old Layla and Her Mother Will be the Cutest Cosplayers You’ll Find on Internet!

by Shanzah Sahir

Mother daughter duo of Layla and Camilia Courts took their Facebook and Instagram followers by surprise after posting their Disney cosplay photo shoots!

People showed quite some interest in seeing a 9-year-old look like an actual Disney princess. Therefore, they picked out several Disney themes and dressed exactly like the real characters.


Mother-Daughter Duo in a Maleficent inspired Shoot. (Source: @Camiliacourtsphotography)

Camilia Courts talked about their journey and how it all started.

“I am a full-time photographer from Canada. I have two children my youngest Layla, is now eight years old. We started the project when she was five. It was after a family trip to Disneyland. We bought her and Elsa dress in the park and I thought it would be fun to do a frozen themed photo shoot!”


Layla dresses as Elsa in her First Photo Shoot (Source: @Camiliacourtsphotography)

It all started from Facebook for this duo.The photo shoot became an immediate hit, thus leaving people awestruck with the cuteness of little Layla. Then, this cosplay team took to its Instagram followers by posting more photos on regular basis.


Layla dressed as Ariel (Source: @Camiliacourtsphotography)

Camilia told us about her favorite costumes.”My favorite costume so far has been Ursula and Ariel”, she said. She also confessed that it was the most creative and fun shoot for them.”It was the one I think was the most fun, and took me the longest to make! I learned how to use craft foam in many different ways! Including how to make it look like metal and like fish scales.”


9 year old dressed as little Snow White (Source: @Camiliacourtsphotography)

Courts, who is a professional photographer teams up with her make-up artist for these photo shoots. In these Disney inspired photoshoots, Camilia is the villain and Layla is a princess.

“My make up artist Missy MacKintosh transforms me into these fantastic villains and I think her vision for these characters are always the cherry on top!”


Camilia dressed as Ursula, stating it as the most fun shoot ever( Source: @Camiliacourtsphotography)

Talking to us about their future plans, Courts said that this is only the beginning for them. She is really ecstatic with the kind of response they’ve received. Hence, she wants to continue with these photo shoots.


Camilia and Layla sharing a moment ( Source: Camiliacourtsphotography)

“We’re coming up on three years of princesses! We don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. Watch for lady Hades in Megara soon!”

Check out their Disney inspired photo shoots here on there Instagram page.

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