A Family Under Criticism for Alleged Animal Abuse after Using an Alligator as a Party Prop

by Myra E.

Mike and Rebbeca Kliebert decided to reveal the gender of their baby using a 61-year old, partially-blind alligator as a party prop.

A video of the moment was posted online by a family member and since then the expectant couple’s move has been at the center of controversy on social media.

Blaise, Charlotte, Mike and Rebecca Kliebert pictured with their pet alligator. Source: Facebook

According to Mike Kliebert, he has been bitten thrice by one of his alligators. Source: Facebook

The video has reached over 7.4 million views on Facebook. Mike is seen prying the alligator’s mouth open and then stuffing a watermelon into it. Sally, the aged alligator, then bites down on the fruit and releases a blue jelly-like substance to reveal that “it’s a boy”. A young child is then seen rolling on the ground next to Sally, followed by Mike trying to ensure the alligator does not go near the boy, by wrestling her on the ground.

The expectant couple are due on August 1st, 2018. Source: Facebook

Gender reveal parties are a new trend in which expectant couple’s reveal the sex of their baby to family and friends in different ways typically using the colours blue and pink.

Family and friends look on as Mike tries to open Sally’s mouth. Source: Facebook

Blue goo is revealed when Sally bites down on the watermelon stuffed in her mouth by Mike. Source: Facebook

While, animal rights activists are condemning the insensitive move. Social media users are split on whether the act was “goals” or animal abuse.

Journalist, Yashar Ali insinuated that Mike deserved to have his hand bitten off.

Mike tries to restrain an alligator. Source: Kliebert Gator Tours Website

According to a blogpost on PETA‘s website, the 61-year-old alligator used in the gender reveal is partially blind. The Kliebert’s, who own and operate a family-run turtle and alligator farm in Louisiana, have previously been on PETA’s radar.

The Kliebert’s farm boasts over 47000 turtles. Source: Kliebert Gator Tours Website

The U.S Department of Agriculture cited that their farm has made 14 violations to the minimum standards of the Federal Animal Welfare Act, in slightly over a year. Violations included lack of clean drinking water for the animals and failure to clean built up waste from animal enclosures.

Image of alligator meat, captioned: “Alligator Ready to throw on the GRILL seasoned or not seasoned! $6.00 per pound.” Source: Facebook

Many have also voiced concerns over the safety of the little boy in the video in response to which Mike Kliebert released a follow up video in which he refers to himself as “the gator king” or “bearded gator wrangler”. His 9-year-old son, Blaise, also “wants to be a gator wrangler like his dad.”

The couple pictured holding blue goo, which revealed that they were having a boy. Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Mike proceeded to put fears to rest and assured viewers that Blaise was not in any danger during the filming of the video. He said that there were many people equipped to handle alligators, at the gender reveal party. He also informed people that he runs a gator sanctuary and farm and later admitted that he is also a gator hunter.

Mike assures viewers that his son was not in danger during the filming of the gender reveal video. Source: Facebook

People are pouring in messages of support in comments on the Facebook video.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Watch the two videos below, the first one is the original video of the gender reveal party:

The follow-up video posted by Mike Kliebert:

Source: Facebook

Just 2 hours ago, Mike Kleibert announced on his profile that he has been blocked by PETA after trying to share his follow-up video on their page.

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  • Emma Isom
    April 6, 2018

    What a pair of muppets,why not announce their babys gender in a normal way instead of using this poor animal as a prop,steve irwin would be disgusted with the complete lack of respect they have shown this alligator!!