9 Things About Cats That Only Cat Owners Can Relate To

by Aliha Bukhari

A majority of the world’s population (a whopping 74%) prefers dogs over cats. However, for the rest of you who do like cats this is for you.

Cats can be unpredictable just like some of their human counterparts, and have a mind of their own. Read on to find out some of the most hilarious (read: not so hilarious) moments in a cat owner’s life!

1. The Human Cushion

Illustration: Copyright Sidra Leghari @Journal Post

Kitties are little fluff balls of joy that turn into meowing giants with little to no realization of their size. They tend to be territorial (you’ll get the drift as you proceed further) and more often than not, miscalculate their claims. Like, hello, my face is not your personalized butt cocoon!

2. You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours

Illustration: Copyright Sidra Leghari @Journal Post

Remember that time your cat mistook your legs to be scratching posts? You made a boo-boo and misunderstood the action. Mr. Whiskers was merely trying to show you the same affection that you show him when you caress him and cuddle with him.

3. A Furry Situation 

Illustration: Copyright Sidra Leghari @Journal Post

You made the mistake of wearing your favorite Cashmere sweater, your cat pounced on you in appreciation, and then you regretted every minute of it. #TheStruggleIsReal

4. What’s Yours Is Mine, What’s Mine Is Mine, I Own You 

Illustration: Copyright Sidra Leghari @Journal Post

Miss Jingles: Whatcha doin’? Whatcha doin’? Whatcha doin’? If you don’t give me your undivided attention, I will take it by hook or by crook. I own you, pesky human. *sinister meows*

5. Give Me Food Or You Are Dead To Me

Illustration: Copyright Sidra Leghari @Journal Post

A peculiar habit that our furry friends have is their ability to change sides in a matter of minutes. The moment you offer them their favorite catnip, you become the most loved human (by kitty standards) in the entire universe. When the moment’s gone, it’s gone. Who art thee, human?

6. I Was Born This Way

Illustration: Copyright Sidra Leghari @Journal Post

Human logic: Wires are to connect important electronic devices to other electronic devices or the electricity.

Kitty logic: Say whaaat? *Meows* Stealthily walks to your phone’s charging wire and chews away with wide eyed innocence.

7. Display Of Affection = Make Human Stumble

Illustration: Copyright Sidra Leghari @Journal Post

When you summon your cat, she/he shows you the paw like it’s nobody’s business – Kitty be like, ain’t nobody got time for that! However, the moment you start walking, there’s public display of kitty affection. *Rub, rub, rub around human’s legs*

8. Sleep Time Is Play Time

Illustration: Copyright Sidra Leghari @Journal Post

You’ve had it wrong all this time; when you’re trying to sleep in the middle of the night, it’s play time in cat dictionary. You better get up and surrender or be prepared for the wrath of the kitty claws.

9. Human Food Is Not Cat Food (Unless Mr. Whiskers Claims It)

Illustration: Copyright Sidra Leghari @Journal Post

When you start eating, your cat takes it up as its duty to stare at your plate till you become uncomfortable enough to offer whatever is on it. However, when you actually do part ways with your food, kitty refuses to accept. *ba dum tss*

Even though cats are erratic creatures, they happen to be the apple of our eyes and we love them regardless. Also, we would never trade them for dogs. Sorry, pups, this one is dedicated to cats.

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