Blac Chyna visited by the Los Angeles police twice in the same day

Blac Chyna was visited by police twice on Sunday. Firstly, due to reports that her daughter was being neglected and then due to a violent situation.

Armed robbery backfires after woman draws gun and shoots the robber

42-year-old Katia Da Silva Sastre was waiting for her children outside their school in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when an assailant attempted an armed robbery. Sastre, an off-duty policewoman, drew out her weapon and shot at the assailant, who later succumbed to his injuries.

Beggar in Sweden Caught With Over £500,000 In His Pockets

A beggar in Sweden was caught with £540,000 in his pockets while he was begging for bus money to go home! He was even being rude to people who refused to give him money.