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Kylie Jenner Was Allegedly Paid to Share Stormi's First Look on Snapchat!

Gossip Blogger, Perez Hilton, believes Kylie Jenner was paid by Snapchat to reveal Stormi's first look on the application.

Travis Scott is Angry Over Tyga's Text Message to Kylie Jenner!

Rumor has it Travis Scott did not appreciate Tyga's congratulatory message to his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. He has asked him to stay away from his baby!

Kylie Jenner's First Days of Motherhood are the Happiest Days of Her Life

A source has revealed that Kylie Jenner's first days as a mom have been the best in her life. The 2-year-old has never been happier and is enjoying her new motherhood to the fullest!