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Our experienced journalists and editors will bring to you news from all over the world along with a new feature! Our experts have found a new way of helping our viewers and users by bringing in e-commerce. We are a company which sells news that you need to read, the videos that you’d want to watch and stories which you’d love to share alongside all the information to what a celebrity is wearing in a specific article. If a celebrity is wearing a
Gucci bag, we’ll not only inform you with the news but the link to the specific bag will also be provided to you!

So now all your long hours of searching a certain Kim Kardashian’s sexy dress are saved, as we present to you the news along with the link to the page from where she got that specific dress from.

We are an emerging, registered online news selling agency and have bought the copyrights of all the news agencies and TV channels we get our news and pictures from. We would love to cover any kind of news, let it be related to fashion, politics or anything viral. If
you think your story is worth getting viral contact us and we will do everything to make it spread like forest fire. Send your story at Syndication.

Furthermore, if you have a complaint about a story or if you believe a story requires correcting, there are details on how to get in touch with us. Find out how to contact particular departments on our Contact Us page.